Only 3% of Jewish Israelis View Settlements as a Roadblock to Peace

by TUT editor

ed note–as much as it is a ‘no brainer’ to the rest of the world, with the Jews however it is a COMPLETELY different paradigm that must be studied and understood not only for what it is, but indeed what it portends.

It is very simple math, as evidenced by thousands of years of human history–invade a country violently, kill innocent people and then displace that people of the possessions-including the natural resources they need for sustaining their lives–and there will be blowback in the form of violent self-defense. That this is the crux of the Palestinian/Israeli ‘conflict’ needs as much explanation as dropping a rock falling on someone’s foot is demonstrative of the immutable properties of gravity.

But, since it is the Jews who are involved in this, all the paradigms have to be ‘adjusted’ in order to cooperate with their own narrative. Rather than it being about Palestinian resistance to the daily barbaric, invasive terrorism that has been the calling card of GAAAAAAWD’s Chosen people now for thousands of years, instead it morphs into the ‘violent’ ideology of Islam and of ‘anti-Shemitism’. A long line of Joos with PhDs flood the atmosphere with Judaic hot air about how the Jooz did everything possible to deal fairly with DEM AY-RABS, but alas, their culture, their religion, their backwards mindset has proven to be insurmountable, and therefore the horrific violence which the Jooz dish out in accordance with the various decrees as laid out in the manner that their violent, rapacious religion dictates is all cast as ‘self-defense’ on the part of a peaceful, fair, and unpretentious people.

What this little vignette dealing with only 3% of Israeli Jews believing that the Jewish settlements are a ‘roadblock to peace’ shows is that the Jooz–incapacitated as they are by the backwards and regressive teachings and group think of Judaism–cannot be counted on to engage rationally in any discussion dealing with them, their history, or the present holocaust of real Semites taking place in the Middle East. They will always come up with something other than the obvious–their own bad behavior–as the history of the last 4,000 years makes patently clear. Read more of this post

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