What Zionist NWO Will Be Like Has Already Occurred in EU

Swedish Woman Gang-Raped in Cellar By Immigrants for Hours – Including Two at Once

This was horrific.
A Swedish woman was kidnapped and gang-raped by several Muslims for hours in a cellar by six Muslim migrants. The assault included two men raping her at once.

Two men were sentenced to four years for the brutal attack.

One of the rapists is paid 7,000 a month in handouts.

Fria Tider reported:

Originally there were seven Arab men arrested for kidnapping a woman at gunpoint and raped her in the basement of a cafe in Helsingborg. Now sentenced two of them, both stateless. One of them already had a deportation order – but still allowed to stay in Sweden as “paperless refugee”.

28-year-old Khaled Azez Hegrs and 23-year-old Tareq Bakkar, who both have an interpreter needs in Arabic, convicted of gross rape of a woman in the cafe basement water pipe in Helsingborg. The woman was kept in the basement for several hours during the night.

The woman was forced into a car by four men in Malmö and was then driven to the café on South Street in Helsingborg where more waiting to rape her.

When the car arrived the woman was taken to the basement of violence. There ripped Khaled woman by the hair, pulled her down on a couch and held her arms and legs with her body weight before he pulled off her clothes. By also threaten that he or others would hurt her with a weapon like objects, he forced her to oral, vaginal and anal intercourse.

He then explained the woman to the six other Arabs would also rape her, the victim said in interrogation.

Then they raped although Tareq woman by grabbing her arms, pulling her down on her back and pushing her legs apart.

The woman told that six of the seven men in turn raped her. On one occasion she was raped by two people simultaneously.

But according to the prosecutor lacked “sufficient supporting evidence that the correct application requires for a conviction” for five of the men who originally were in custody in the case of detainees were prosecuted by only the other two: Khaled and Tareq.

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