Trump Looking Into Revoking Security Clearances For BRENNAN and Other Top Obama Officials (About Time!)

Trump looking into revoking security clearances for Brennan and other top Obama officials

by TUT editor

ed note–yes, yes, we know–it’s all ‘an act’ meant to convince people that a real turf war is taking place between powerfully-entrenched elements with a divergence of interests when in fact, it’s ‘dJooz’ controlling the whole deal.

Seriously folks (and particularly those of you who accept the notion that JFK was assassinated because as president he was moving against Judea Inc, both in his insistence that Israel not attain nuclear weapons capacity, but as well in his maneuvering to defang the nascent Israel lobby in America known as the American Zionist Council, forerunner to AIPAC, by forcing it to register as an agent of a foreign power) how much more of this has to take place on a daily basis before common sense and reason overcome the popular (yet baseless) assertion that Trump is ‘bought and paid for’ and as such that he fully intends to give Djooz everything they want, including WWIII?

Sometimes that old Middle Eastern dictum vis ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is not just a viable protocol to adopt and with which to move forward as pertains a particular political position, but indeed, the ONLY one, and even though Trump may not be an ‘enemy’ of the Jews, per se, the fact that he at least intends to put a muzzle around the mouth of the mangy mutt known as the Jewish state and bring an end to all the murder and mayhem (at least as far as it involves direct US participation) is or at least should be to those with a keen eye towards living a welcome change of season to what has been the very turbulent, stormy and dangerous weather that began on the morning of 9/11/2001.

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