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Nunes Urges Trump To Declassify ‘20 Pages’ of FBI’s FISA Warrant Request against Carter Page

July 30 (EIRNS)—Speaking on Fox News’ ”Sunday Morning Features,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), called on President Trump to quickly declassify the “20 pages” of documents related to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court ruling on the FBI request for a warrant to surveil Carter Page, because Americans would be “shocked” by the contents. After refusing to release the documents for months, the Justice Department—under threat of a Freedom of Information lawsuit—released a heavily redacted version of the court application to Congress on July 20.

“I think [the President’s] lawyers are looking at this to see if they can declassify it sooner rather than later,” Nunes told anchor Maria Bartiromo. “We’ve had several of our members who have painstakingly gone through it piece by piece. And we are quite confident that once the American people see these 20 pages—at least those that will get real reporting on this issue—they will be shocked by what’s in this FISA application.”

Nunes said that on July 27, various Justice Department entities made commitments to comply, but that his committee will not rest during the break. They will begin to take interviews and depositions as early as August, when Congress will officially be in recess. “We will have members of Congress that will be flying back to Washington during August to conduct interviews with very important witnesses that need to be interviewed as it relates to getting to the bottom of this Russiagate scandal,” Nunes said.

The committee chairman also addressed reports that several Republican Congressional leaders had been “shadow banned”—censored—by Twitter, which President Trump had revealed in a tweet of his own last week.

Nunes confirmed that four Congress members—himself, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), all leading opponents of Mueller’s Russiagate witch hunt—had all seen their Twitter traffic reduced to near zero beginning on May 18, after Twitter instituted a program to crack down on so-called “fake news” on its platform.

“I don’t know what Twitter’s up to,” Nunes said, but “it sure looks to me like they are censoring people. And they ought to stop it. We are looking at any legal remedies that we can go through.”

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