The Christian Romanov’s Were Murdered in Russia By Marxist Jewish Out of New York City To Bring in the Anti-God Communism-That’s a FACT!

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow led 100,000 in procession remembering 100th anniversary of Romanov martyrdom

by TUT editor


RT – The procession was the main one of the whole set of solemn events that were held all over Russia in connection with the anniversary. Russian Lower House, the State Duma, held a special plenary session to discuss the current situation surrounding the Romanovs and the possible future steps to honor the late royal family. At it, the head of the nationalist-populist opposition party LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, announced that he and his comrades intended to add the word “Monarchist” to the party title. CONTINUE READING

My comment:  The Bolsheviks who overthrew the Christian Tsar Nobility were working for the Satanic Rothschild Zionists and Communism doesn’t allow Christianity.  Also, a FACT.  Russia is, and always has been a Christian nation and Began as a Christian nation.  Another FACT!

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