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The science-backed benefits of cannabis (and other news)
Mike Adams Cannabis is extraordinary medicine, and in today’s feature, you’ll learn about 10 science-backed benefits of cannabis that are now documented in the literature. (See below)

Also today: Happy birthday, America! The nation is now 242 years old, and it’s time to double down on protecting our constitutional republic from attempts to overthrow it or twist it into some globalist puppet nation.

As part of that effort, I’m launching, the new pro-liberty platform for online speech. The launch is imminent. Check out my July 4th video message and sample videos and trailers right now at

10 Science-backed benefits of cannabisBy Vicki Batts | Read the full story
Scientists say that by 2050, our oceans will have more plastic than fish; U.N. calls for more decisive actionBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
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Almost 1 out of 2 people are not taking enough zinc: Here are 10 reasons why you should start supplementing todayBy Carol Anderson | Read the full story
Which herbal medicines demonstrate the best anti-Candida activity?By RJ Jhonson | Read the full story
Sponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouseswith this Pure Microalgae Superfood Blend
People who live near wind turbines report having a lower quality of lifeBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full story
Sponsor: 81 Reasons to use apple cider vinegar every day(Gout, waistline, warts, fleas, digestion, etc)
How acupuncture works: Explaining the five elements theoryBy Carol Anderson | Read the full story
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More of Today’s ArticlesNYT warns: Facebook news monopolies are “profoundly dangerous” to democracy
In what appears to be a shocking about-face, media giant The New York Times has come out in opposition to Mark Zuckerberg’s ongoing attempts to police the news content being spread by users …Go nuts for your heart: Regularly eating a variety of nuts found to lower risk of heart disease
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) can be prevented by consuming a variety of nuts. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that people who consumed tree nuts, …

Natural solutions to halt mosquitoes
Now that summer is finally here, it seems like an exciting idea to spend more time in the great outdoors or let the sunshine enter through the open windows. However, pesky mosquitoes are also out …

A guide to making dried food without a food dehydrator
Preppers are always willing to try new things, especially when it involves effective ways to prepare food for their stockpile. But what do you if you want to make dried food but you don’t …

Another survival plant to know: The colorful hibiscus helps wounds heal faster
If you are out in the wild and get wounded, look forHibiscus micranthus. New research has established this hibiscus’ ability to hasten the healing of wounds. The findings of the study, …

Can this traditional Thai herbal extract be used to treat Type 2 diabetes?
Researchers have established that Mathurameha (also spelled asMathura Meha), a traditional herbal blend in Thailand that uses 26 medicinal plants, is an effective and safe way to treat Type 2 …

You could lose your sense of smell: It is just another side effect of eating high-fat foods
It is known that high-fat foods increase the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as other chronic illnesses. However,a recent study from Florida State University …


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