High Vibration Diet: Raw Organic Vegetables & Fruits & Herbs

High vibration diet

High Vibration Foods. As a general rule, the highest vibrational foods are Raw, Organic, Local and Vegan including: Organic fruits and vegetables. Dark leafy greens. Raw herbs like cilantro, basil, mint, tarragon, chives, dill. Sprouts! Alfalfa, mung bean, sunflower seed, brocolli sprouts, etc.

What You Put In Your Body Directly Impacts Your Vibration

High Vibrational DietIn this article I want to focus in on the diet side of the equation because what you eat and what you put in your body plays a key role in the level of vibration you are able to reach.

In other words, you’re able to support yourself in raising your vibration with a high vibrational diet.

And alternately, you can block your progress, cause challenges in your physical body, and create increased resistance by clouding up your mind, body and spirit with toxins and low vibrational foods.

Just eating high vibrational foods is not enough! If you eat perfectly clean, and adhere to a strict raw, organic, vegan diet, but you haven’t worked to clear limiting beliefs, retrain your subconscious, or quiet the voice of negativity in your mind, or clear the lower levels of fear and doubt you’ll likely still feel blocked on your spiritual path.

A high vibrational diet will best serve you in your life when combined with inner work, aligning with a state of love coherence, and healing on the level of body, mind, and spirit.

However now is a great time to make shifts in what you put into your body, and start consciously choosing more high vibration foods that nourish you and positively benefit the Earth too.

The High Vibrational Diet

For a moment, consider looking at the vibrational frequency of foods, rather than their color, texture, cost, flavor, or nutritional qualities.

High vibrational foods are those that have a greater level of light than density.

High vibration foods are those that nourish your body, assist with detoxification, increase your light quotient (the level of light you’re able to carry) and raise your vibrational frequency. The highest vibrational foods are nutrient rich, raw, living fruits and vegetables!

High Vibration Foods

As a general rule, the highest vibrational foods are Raw, Organic, Local and Vegan including:

Organic fruits and vegetables

Dark leafy greens

Raw herbs like cilantro, basil, mint, tarragon, chives, dill.

Sprouts! Alfalfa, mung bean, sunflower seed, brocolli sprouts, etc.

Wild berries! Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and more.

Fresh Pressed Green Juice

Fresh Pressed Fruit Juice *no sugar added

Raw cacao *no sugar added

Medicinal mushrooms like chaga and reishi

Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Green Algae

Spring water

Probiotics (Naturally fermented sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha)

Soaked and sprouted raw nuts, seeds, legumes and ancient grains like Millet or Buckwheat

Cold pressed organic oils like coconut, flax, avocado, sesame, olive

Apple Cider Vinegar

Crystalline Water

Low Vibration FoodsLow Vibration Foods to Avoid

Sugar- refined, white and other processed sugar

Canola Oil

Artifical sweetners

White or wheat flour

Meat and Animal Products including animal flesh, eggs, meat, and cheese

Fried and Processed foods

Corn based products and GMO Corn

Canned food

Excessive Caffeine (Try a coffee replacement like Teeccino or Chaga Tea)


GMO and chemically treated ingredients

Water treated with chlorine and fluoride

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