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Fermented Black Garlic
Used by the Ancients for Courage and Flavor – Now We Know It’s so Much More

Used by Egyptian pharaohs and Greek and Roman athletes, plus millions through the years for its pungent flavor. But now we know it’s so much more – with the incredible compound that benefits your blood pressure, immune health, vitality and courage. Don’t miss out.


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Hijacks Your Immune System in Many Startling Ways You’re Not Being Told About

Every time you do it, you’re more likely to get sick enough to land in the hospital. It can also lead to paralysis, death and more. Avoid this unstoppable train wreck, unless your goal is to concentrate power in the hands of these heavy-handed dictators and endure long-lasting pain.


flu vaccination for preschoolers

Lymphatic Massage Helps Immune System

To keep your immune system functioning optimally, tending to your lymphatic system is essential. When your lymphatic system becomes slow or clogged up, your immune system weakens. You can help correct this via lymphatic massage, which may increase lymphatic circulation and boost your overall health.


lymphatic drainage massage boosts immune system

Mercury Fillings Leak After Medical Scan

Mercury fillings are known to leak after brushing your teeth, but new research suggests they could also pose a serious risk during medical scans. Ultra-high-strength magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in particular, may cause the release of four times more mercury into saliva than lower powered models currently used in hospitals.


mercury fillings leak after medical scan

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Vitamin B12
Sleep Problems Could Be Warning You of This Mood-Altering Common Nutrient Deficiency

Try taking this vitamin during the day – it could not only help you sleep like a baby, but also assist with boosting energy levels, improving immunity and mental alertness, and managing stress. Plus, it can improve your mood and eye health too.

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