Zionists destroyed David Irving’s livelihood with Slander and Libel When He Found No Evidence of Hitler’s Holocaust

Paul Craig Roberts On David Irving

by TUT editor

BY PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS – Zionists destroyed David Irving’s livelihood with slander and libel, because he made public a letter from the former chancellor of Germany, Hitler’s predecessor, to Winston Churchill, a letter that Irving found in the American publisher’s file of Winston Churchill’s history of the war, and which the publisher prevented Churchill from publishing in his history. The former chancellor of Germany, who escaped the Nazis and lived in England, wrote to Churchill that two of Hitler’s financiers were Jews who managed two of the largest banks in Germany. One was a Zionist leader.

The letter exists, and there is no reason to doubt its honesty. However, for making an important historical document public, Irving was labeled by a vicious propaganda campaign an “anti-semite” and “holocaust denier.” Irving simply thought that he was being an historian. CONTINUE READING

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