The Sooner the G6, or G7 or G8 Disappears the BETTER For the Rest of US! GAnything = British Imperialism

G6, G7, or G8? The Post War British Imperial World is Fast Disintegrating

The British Empire’s 20th Century world — often mislabeled the “American Century” — is crumbling so rapidly that even the BBC headlined its coverage today: “Has Trump Broken the Special Relationship?” The President held an impromptu press conference on the White House lawn this morning before leaving for the G7 meeting in Quebec, where he told the press that “Russia should be in the meeting… It may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run.” The newly elected Prime Minister of Italy Guiseppe Conte immediately tweeted: “I agree with President Trump. Russia should be re-admitted to the G8.”READ MORE

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