Who Mandela Really Was: A Rothschild Zionist Asset Leaving a Horrific Legacy After Committing Sadistic, Barbaric Crimes

A Genocidal Anti-White Communist Is Dead

“We Communist Party members are the most advanced revolutionaries in modern history…the enemy must be wiped out from the face of the Earth before a Communist world can be realized.” – Nelson Mandela during his 1962 trial for terrorism, quoted in The Wanderer, July 1, 1990, page 6

On December 5th, 2013 one of the West’s most celebrated anti-white genocidal maniacs died. This man, who was once correctly labelled a terrorist by the United States, is now disgustingly put forth as a hero and role model for all people, whether they are white, black, brown, or yellow. Although there are some heroic people who have already exposed the truth about this Jewish-funded Communist mass murderer, I feel that it is appropriate that we should re-visit the atrocities of Nelson Mandela and understand the kind of country he created.

Mandela was a supposed freedom fighter who sought to rid South Africa of the evils caused by white rule. With jew Joe Slovo (pictured above) and other Communist leaders, Mandela planned and committed terrorist actions. He was arrested in 1962 for plotting to overthrow the government and sentenced to life in prison, but was freed by his comrades in 1990. Apartheid was abolished in 1992 and Mandela became president in 1994. The country been in chaos ever since.

Under white rule, blacks in South Africa enjoyed better living conditions than any other African country… Since Mandela took over, South Africa has become a Third World country. It went from being the safest country in Africa, to being the rape and murder capital of the world. In Johannesburg, 5,000 people are murdered every year. Unemployment went from 5% in 1994 to 50% today. – The Real Mandela by Pete Papaherakles, AFP

The white-hating brainwashing is pervasive, but especially in regards to a figure like Nelson Mandela. The lies and misinformation are being spread via textbooks, articles, new reports and documentaries, but some of the most effective propaganda comes from Jewish Hollywood movies that glorify this sick and twisted individual. Retarded political activist Matt Damon was in a movie, Sol Invictus, with Nelson Mandela being played by Hollywood’s “god” figure, Morgan Freeman. More recently, Idris Elba (the black actor who played Norse God Heimdall in the Thor movies) starred in Mandela, a film that was aired in the White House, with Winnie Mandela in attendance. Actually, there was even a whole movie made about Winnie, starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard, which is billed as a love story. I don’t watch such garbage, but I am guessing they did not mention the Winnie Mandela necklace.

In case you are unfamiliar with this terrorist bitch, Winnie Mandela had gas-filled tires put around the necks of her opponents (often blacks who opposed the Communists), then the person would be tortured and the tire eventually lit on fire. Winnie Mandela was well-known for this practice of burning people alive, which was the sad fate for an estimated 3,000 victims, yet this historical fact is neglected in the West.

Nelson and Winnie were not solely interested in burning blacks, though. Their violence and hatred was mainly toward “the racists”, the white people who founded and built South Africa. Many of the white people murdered are the Boer farmers who provide the country with its food. For many years now they have been facing torture, rape, murder, and other forms of genocidal terrorism.

The number above is outdated. The situation has become so bad that Genocide Watch has classified South Africa as a Stage 6 country, but no Western leader will listen or do anything about it. It seems genocide is only something that evil white people can do to non-whites, and if whites are mass murdered, then they probably deserved it for being so racist. I mean, Jamie Foxx was just sooo hip and cool on Saturday Night Live when he said, “I get to kill all the white people in the movie – how great is that?”

This type of rhetoric is nothing new. In fact, there are a number of songs that these blacks will sing about their duty to kill all the white people. Here’s Nelson Mandela singing about his genocidal intentions:

These kinds of songs are still being sung by the leaders of South Africa, glorifying the killing of people based solely upon the color of their skin.

These songs obviously have very real consequences as the low IQ blacks will go out and inflict all sorts of cruelty upon the white people of South Africa. This next video is not for the faint of heart, but some people really need to see this, since it is the environment that the “hero” Nelson Mandela created. Here a white rape victim lies naked in the street as she is beaten and stoned:


So as you see the mass media, politicians, educators, and lemmings celebrating the life of this dead terrorist, know that this is the kind of world they are bringing to all of our white, European countries. This is why they are flooding us with hordes of non-white immigrants and radicalizing them against us. The Jewish Communists who are in control hate the white race and send out their proxies to commit genocide against us.

For more information about the situation in South Africa and the frightening cruelty of the Mandelas, I recommend listening to Mike Sledge’s show from February 7, 2013, which gets into the facts and figures regarding the genocide of whites. Unless we do something, this vile promotion and execution of violence against white people will escalate unabated. Is this the kind of world you want to live in? What will happen to your children, your lover, your parents, and grandparents?  Remember, though Nelson Mandela is dead, we still have an anti-white African Communist as president of the United States.

We need to be the ones who put an end to this genocidal system, once and for all.


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