What Happens When Countries Stand Against the U.S. Without Nuclear Weapons…Look At Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan…………………………………….

North Korea actually is destroying it’s nuclear sites

They are going to find out they were stupid for doing this if they don’t keep a few secrets.

It actually is true. This is confirmed by even private satellites that have paid attention to the situation. They are using bulldozers to completely raze the test sites. And you know what happens when countries stand against the U.S. and don’t have nuclear weapons. Just look at Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan . . . . .

North Korea is the most tunneled country on earth however. There is an endless labyrinth Kim could hide his nukes in.This is a possibility: Back when NK got it’s nuclear materials, they were not as well tracked as they are now. He could easily have a secret stache. And if that is the case, he does not need to do any more testing.

When he had his biggest blast, I correctly called it at between 100 and 300 kilotons. The scam MSM was still trying to call it a relatively small nuke, sub 50 kilotons. It was in fact 170 kilotons. That is big league. India has nothing that big, and Pakistan is way behind that. Kim may have in fact decided he does not need test sites anymore simply because 170 kilotons is enough.

Consider this: If you have an endless labyrinth of tunnels to hide stuff in, and you tested your way to a world class nuke that is actually good, why would you need to continue testing? Would it not make more sense to hold onto whatever nuclear materials you have, and put them straight into a deterrent you’re not going to blow up anymore and allow the world to know you have it?

I would be willing to bet Kim has hidden materials sufficient for a double digit number of his latest, best nuke. His rockets are already tested also. Does Ford keep crash testing trucks 20 crashes after they have all the answers? Why would Kim keep crash testing nukes? He has his answers. The testing sites really can be razed now.

If I was Kim, this would be my “chess”.

Keep on making nukes in secret. He has the tech, no more testing needed. Declare yourself free and open. Re-unite with South Korea, and open a commercially run space program. Offer to launch satellites cheap. Be the big open. Totally free country. Then let private ventures pay for your space program. Put people in space, and use that as an excuse to test re-entry vehicles. Obviously you don’t do this until your already existing missiles are proven (just in case) and they were proven but not good, just proven. It would be best to make improvements.

A few years into this, if the U.S. has not already reniged and blown you to smithereens, suddenly announce you have 20 nukes, all the launch capabilities, and you are a truly viable nuclear state. Announce you won’t tolerate sanctions, and will be a happy player on the world stage, still free and open but TO BE LEFT ALONE.

That would be the real chess. Let’s wait a few years and see if Kim decides to play it.

My Comment:  Kim Jong Un Wants to Join the New Silk Road and Develope North Korea out of poverty.

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