Trump is Better Than I Thought He Would Be…BRAVO!!! These Trade Agreements Will Gut Our Economy and Give Away Massively to Illuminati Corporations

Trump’s New Tariffs Have Effectively Killed TTIP And May Collapse NAFTA

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – The so called free trade zone was meant to be only the first step towards a full political integration. The EU was created following that model: first an economic partnership (the EEC), then erasing the borders (Schengen Agreement), then a single currency (the Euro) before moving on slowly and steadily towards political fusion now known as the EU with a single constitution which no ‘national constitution’ can override. And whenever there is a conflict between what the EU commission demands and some local ‘national’ constitutions, then it is the latter which are amended to make them compliant with whatever the non-elected decision makers of the EU commission decide for us.

The EU model was itself only a copy-paste of the strategy used by Prussia to unite (annex?) all the different German states under its leadership and model (Zollverein).

And what we have been witnessing with the TTIP/NAFTA etc. are just a copy of the same methodology at a much bigger scale: promote fake economic ‘free trade blocks’ before they could then move on to creating a united political block by fusing together the North American and the European blocks, with the UK acting as the bridge between the two.

If we look at the German and European examples, that means no free and independent states anymore, no national borders, no sovereign currency, no political sovereignty, no national identity, blending all the different people into becoming one people (one ‘Nation’) before heading towards a one world government with Jerusalem as its capital.

This is a not a wild megalomaniac dream that came out of of the heads of some random and very rich individuals. THIS is Jewish eschatology reduced to its simplest. This has been the engine driving most of the world’s geopolitical and geo-economic decisions and events. This is precisely what Judaism demands take place before the arrival of the jewish Moshiach, aka, our Anti-Christ/Dajjal.

What this all means is tat Donald Trump’s new tariff policy has brought yet another massive blow to the Jewish End Time political program. But it is just an ‘accident’. CONTINUE READING


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