This is the Moment for Change (If America Misses This Train It Will Be Missed Forever; No Second Chances)

This Is the Moment for Change

In the Americas, Bolivian President Evo Morales met in Beijing today with President Xi Jinping, and signed commitments for Belt and Road collaboration between Bolivia and China. Morales said it will mean economic development and peace throughout the continent. Also in China, is a delegation from the Dominican Republic, conferring on economic projects and business in the Caribbean.READ MORE

Child Abuse Hypocrites! What Evil, Genocidal Twaddle

It is no accident that the hoked up image of Donald Trump heartlessly ripping crying children away from their mothers becomes the predominant media and political theme on the same day that the coup against Donald Trump is dealt huge and significant blows by the Justice Department Inspector General in testimony before the Congress. In fact, to make the point, the Democrats interrupted that hearing with catcalls about internment camps and other political theater.READ MORE

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