The Rape of Justice: Organized Satanism

From Top 10 Most Satanic Places in the World

3.  San Francisco

Satanism in San Francisco is synonymous with Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Later dubbed the “Black Pope,” LaVey was a crime scene photographer, nightclub organist, psychic, and lion tamer before becoming the face of modern devil worship. In 1968, as an example of LaVey’s authority on all things obsidian, he served as a consultant on the set of Rosemary’s Baby.

Two years earlier, LaVey and a small group of followers had founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco on Walpurgis Night. Located in the city’s Richmond District, the Church of Satan was operated out of LaVey’s private home—an all-black house located at 6118–6122 California Street.

LaVey and his followers conducted highly dramatic rituals, some of which were filmed for posterity. Thanks to such broadcast footage, as well as the publication of LaVey’s The Satanic Bible in 1969, the Church of Satan enjoyed widespread visibility throughout the late 1960s and 1970s. Many Hollywood celebrities, such as Sammy Davis Jr., became members.

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area have been home to several satanic or possibly satanic serial killers such as the Zodiac Killer and the Night Stalker.

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Wisconsin Is Hotbed of Satanism

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Outlaw Satanic Cults
15 years ago

Raw Message

As a cleric with many years of study, experience and knowledge in this area,
I am alarmed and dismayed by statistics that confirm that Wisconsin is the
nation’s most Satanic state. There are more Satanic cults in Wisconsin per
capita than any state in this great land of ours. Here are the facts as
shown in government reports:

Wisconsin has over 87,000 practicing Satanists; this is more than all those
in California, Texas and New York combined.

Wisconsin has 297 Satanic covens. That is more than the entire continent of

Wisconsin was home to serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and Charles
Manson. This is due to the Satanic influences of
Wisconsin cults.

Wisconsin habitually lets pedophiles out to prey on more children. Examples
include the Spanbauer and the Gerald Turner Halloween Killer cases. This is
caused by the Satanic influence of devil-worship cults over the Madison
liberal clique. It is these liberals that support the pedophiles and
Satanists. The Wisconsin Parole board is mostly Madison liberals.

The mark of the beast ‘666’ is often scrawled in Wisconsin on hidden places
in Wisconsin wooded areas and in Wisconsin schools.

Wisconsin is slow to ban Satanic cult influences over the liberal, corporate
media. That is why television channels show nudity and Satanic violence on
Wisconsin airwaves. Most Wisconsin people are addicted to these Satanic
television shows, even if they are not Satanists.

Wisconsin people have turned away from the Lutheran Church and toward
liberal secular humanist atheist and Satanic philosophy. Scientific,
Islamic and atheist beliefs are taught in Wisconsin schools in order to aid
the Satanists. Evolution and the Big Bang are the most notorious of these
beliefs. Christian beliefs, like the Ten Commandments are banned from the
schools and are mocked on Wisconsin tv shows like Howard Stern.

To fix this, you must contact your legislator to help get an official ban on
Satanic groups. Satanists should be jailed and given psychiatric treatments
to render them harmless to the decent, conservative Wisconsin majority. You
should vote Republican on all issues to limit the influence of the atheist,
liberal Satanists. You should fight against corporations because
corporations support Satanic content on the television airwaves. Police and
other law enforcement agencies must be warned to watch for the activities of
Satanists, especially, in caves and wooded areas. Non-Judeo-Christian
religions, such as Islam, must be monitored for signs of Satanic activities.
Nazi and KKK groups have Satanic and occult origins; these groups must be
monitored for Satanic activities. Liberal political groups must be watched;
Stalin was strongly influenced by these liberal groups.

Together, we can reverse the pro-Satanic activities that have taken hold in
Wisconsin. By exercising Christian vigilance, Wisconsin can be God’s
country once again.

The Lord be with you,

Pastor J. Lindsvolde


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