Our Dystopian Future Revealed If We Do Not Wake Up and Be the Change We Want to See: Will Humanity Be Free or Completely Enslaved?

         The Spark $3.99 ($4.50 Canadian)

Review for The Spark

“I was expecting something very good from The Spark as Stephen is obviously a very talented actor with major successes under his belt–but seriously he’s exceeded ALL my expectations with this film… I was expecting more of a minimal type of narrative and dialog with minimal characters and interactions around Stephen’s main role and a much more simple greater narrative. Stephen’s supporting actors in this film were excellent, all of them, and Stephen was amazing clearly pouring his heart and soul into this character. The cinematography was sophisticated, complex and high fidelity while still retaining an artisan art-house sensibility and rawness. Stephen seriously has one tour-de-force of a movie on his hands with this film that I would describe in all seriousness as a SEMINAL 21st century film… BRAVO… 10+ out of 10 Stars”

                                                                         Thomas Mcfarlan

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