NATO Won’t Support Israel if War With IRAN Erupts

NATO won’t support Israel if war with Iran erupts

by TUT editor

NATO Secretary General says organization doesn’t involve itself in Middle East conflicts, security guarantee doesn’t apply to Israel.

ed note–putting aside Stoltenberg’s ridiculous statement concerning Iran’s ‘funding of terror’ that contributes to the ‘instability in the region’, nevertheless there is a lot to read into this statement vis NATO and any future conflicts involving Judea Resurrecta.

Firstly, what it reveals is that indeed the possibility/probability that a very real shooting war is about to erupt between Murder, Inc and the Islamic Republic of Iran to the point that it is now being discussed and addressed at very official levels within what is the world’s largest and most powerful military organization. Furthermore, despite what appear to be confusing and contradictory noises coming out of Russia these days and what APPEARS to be a certain degree of distancing between Russia and Iran, nevertheless the head honchos at NATO understand that Russia and Iran have worked very closely with each other as of late and that if indeed there is any distance between the 2, this is likely to evaporate immediately upon any shooting war that erupts, and especially if Russia’s gains in Syria are threatened.

Whatever the particulars are, the bottom line however is that–as it always is–the Jews and their infernal, irrational demands are once again acting as the blasting cap in a situation that could set off a chain reaction that threatens all life on earth , and once again, ‘GAAAAWD’S chosen people’, with their religious license to murder, steal, deceive and engage in every other form of criminal behavior adjudged by the civilized Gentile word to be such throughout the course of human history, simply must act in accordance with the spiritual code that has been written onto their collective mental harddrive in acting as a toxic foreign body upon the collective human condition. Read more of this post

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