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DEADLINE: Midnight Tuesday, June 26.

Ban roundup image over containers of Roundup on store shelfDear Reader,

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal turned over the microphone to Mark Lynas, GMO promoter and Monsanto shill.

Lynas authored a piece claiming that the science on GMOs is settled (it isn’t) and that the world “desperately needs them” (it doesn’t).

The timing of Lynas’s GMO piece is no coincidence.

Bayer-owned Monsanto is ratcheting up its propaganda campaign because mainstream media is finally paying more attention to the devastating impact of GMOs and the pesticides used to grow them.

From now until midnight PDT Tuesday, June 26 only, will match your donation to our summer fundraising campaign. Click here to donate online or for details on how to donate by phone or mail. 

Mainstream media outlets like CNN are now covering the story of DeWayne “Lee” Johnson, the 46-year-old father of two, terminally ill with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), who is suing Monsanto.

Johnson’s case is the first of thousands like it to follow. And the world is watching.

We have to keep Johnson’s story in front of the media, just as we have to keep publicizing OCA’s consumer lawsuit against Monsanto.

We also have to help fund a definitive study on Monsanto’s Roundup, to make the case for a global ban on a weedkiller responsible for massive environmental pollution and human health crises.

Our summer fundraising is going more slowly than usual—not because people are any less committed to a ban on Roundup, but because our articles and social media posts exposing the risks associated with GMOs and glyphosate are increasingly being deemed “fake news,” thanks to corporate lobbyists.

That means we have to invest in advanced technologies to keep bringing you the latest studies and reports.

It also means we have to keep up the pressure on Monsanto, even though Bayer hopes we won’t.

Please help us fund more litigation, more investigative journalism, and the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on Roundup weedkiller’s devastating impact on human health.

Please make a donation before midnight PDT, Tuesday, June 26, to double your impact. Click here to donate online or for details on how to donate by phone or mail.

Monsanto can run. But as long as we don’t give up, it can’t hide.

In solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins
International Director

P.S. We rely on individual donors like you for nearly 80% of our total budget. We simply can’t do this work without you. Please consider a generous donation today, details here. 

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