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THURSDAY / JUNE 28, 2018

Japanese-American internment camp — At least Bullschwitz had a soccer field and a swimming pool!


NY Times: Korematsu, Notorious Supreme Court Ruling on Japanese Internment, Is Finally Tossed Out


Though not invoked nearly as often as slavery or segregation, the Left has repeatedly utilized the shameful wartime internment of 100,000 Japanese-Americans as one its many attack arrows aimed at the history of evil, “racist” ™ America. However, in a stunning display of Orwellian “doublethink,” St. Franklin Demono Roosevelt — the Leftist president who issued the Executive Order to round-up and intern the Japanese, along with a companion EO freezing their assets, remains revered and untouchable. The continuing worship of Roosevelt, in spite of his truly racist EO’s, represents further proof that Marxists do not care at all about “oppressed” minorities, while their useful idiot libtard dupes lack any capacity for critical analysis.

Roosevelt’s treatment of Japanese Americans wasn’t the only case in which the holiest of libtard icons disrespected and abused “people of color” . Wait until “youse guys” hear what hell FDR and his Red henchmen unleashed upon two of America’s most well-known sports legends and cultural phenomenons — both of whom were Black, and both of whom were Republicans.



1. FDR’s signed the Executive Order to round-up innocent Japanese and to freeze their assets — yet his reputation among “anti-racist” libtards remains unscathed.  2. Though the Japanese obediently complied with the Orders, armed US soldiers stood ready to apply force if necessary.  3Many of the children interned behind barbed-wire were American-born.



 In service to FDR, it was the warmongering American Left that went full-blown “racist” by turning the Japanese in monstrous “Japs”


FDR & Jesse Owens

Even the propagandists who write our history books will, if asked, openly concede the fact that their beloved hero, FDR,misused the Internal Revenue Service to harass and intimidate his political opponents. Heck, even FDR’s son Elliot admitted it:

“My father may have been the originator of the concept of employing the I.R.S. as a weapon of political retribution.”(here)

Victims of such abuse included Sen. Huey Long (D) of Louisiana, United Mine Workers leader John Lewis, Rep. Hamilton Fish (R) of New York, Chicago Tribune publisher Robert “Colonel” McCormick, Philadelphia Inquirer publisher Moses Annenberg (a fierce opponent of the New Deal), and, most notably, former Republican Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon.

Jesse Owens – the famed Black sprinter / long-jumper wrongly said to have been “snubbed” by The Great One (that’s Hitler for you newbies and normies) at the 1936 Berlin Olympics was targeted by  an I.R.S. lawsuit in 1939 related to $10,000 that Owens earned for speeches given on behalf of Republican Presidential Candidate Alf Landon – the man who ran against the incumbent FDR in 1936. Landon, though a weak candidate, criticized FDR for going too far with his socialistic schemes. Landon:

“The concentration of power in the hands of the President was not a question of temporary emergency. It was a question of permanent national policy. In my opinion the emergency of 1933 was a mere excuse…. National economic planning—the term used by this Administration to describe its policy—violates the basic ideals of the American system…. The price of economic planning is the loss of economic freedom. And economic freedom and personal liberty go hand in hand.”

With the Judenpress still pumping FDR up to superman status, Landon was crushed in a landslide.  By 1939, Owens had been forced to file for bankruptcy after the I.R.S. shook him down over the money he had received from the Landon campaign. As far as we can tell, Owens did indeed “owe” the I.R.S. But in light of FDR’s known record of cruelty, pettiness, and abuse of I.R.S. power, a reasonable man has got to wonder if it was the vindictive FDR, or his henchmen, that put out a financial hit on the “uppity” Republican Jesse Owens.

Many years later, under the reign of another liberal Democrat hero, Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ), the liberals and their beloved I.R.S. spit in Owens’ face for a second time in 1966. Owens was convicted over taxes owed from the late 1950’s.  So you see, Owens was right when he wrote:

“Hitler didn’t snub me. — It was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”



1- Alf Landon ran against FDR 2- 1936: Republican Owens with Landon 3- Owens delivering paid pitches for the Alf Landon Presidential campaign.


FDR & Joe Louis

Joe Louis, aka “The Brown Bomber” was one of the greatest American heavyweight boxing champions of all time. He reigned as the world heavyweight champ from 1937 to 1949, for 140 consecutive months. Louis is widely regarded as the first Black athlete to achieve nationwide hero status among Whites as well Blacks. During the Presidential Election campaign of 1940, the champ, like Owens had four years earlier, openly endorsed the unsuccessful Republican challenger to FDR — Wendell Wilkie.  At a campaign rally, Louis declared that there was no future on relief and the WPA.”(welfare was known as “relief” back then, and the WPA stands for “Works Progress Administration.”

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (which FDR deliberately provoked), Louis had a title fight from which he donated his substantial winnings to Navy war relief. He then volunteered for military service, yet still defended his boxing title while in the service. This time, he donated his prize money to Army relief!  Since the original checks were in Louis’ name, the IRS taxed them on the full amount of the winnings that he had already given away, even though he never saw a penny of it. At the end of the war, Louis was awarded the legion of merit — as FDR’s IRS was racking up massive interest charges and penalties on the money he had so graciously donated.


To pay down his ever-mounting debt, Louis was forced to continue fighting well beyond his prime, thus enduring a humiliating defeat to the great Rocky Marciano, who was much younger than Louis. At the end of his life, he became a greeter at a Las Vegas hotel just to make ends meet. He died in 1981.


Did FDR or one of his henchmen at the Jewish IRS originally order this financial hit to teach Black Republican Joe Louis a lesson about staying on the Marxist plantation? At the very least, even if FDR didn’t give the order, he could have pardoned the debt for this Black American hero — but neither he, nor his Democrat successor, Harry Truman, did so.



 1 & 2. 1940: Joe Louis campaigns for Willkie against FDR  — “no future on Relief and WPA.”  2He later campaigned for Robert Bradford, a conservative governor of Massachusetts


After all these years, the Piranha Press still can’t stop talking about the internment of Japanese-Americans as well as the cultural phenomenon of Black champions Jesse Owens and Joe Louis. And yet, the demon FDR and his Marxist minions — who so badly abused the Japanese and those two Black icons — continue to be glorified by these very same oh-so-compassionate and “anti-racist”  libtards. The doublethink here is truly amazing, isn’t it?


To keep Blacks on the Marxist plantation, the media, in addition to covering up for FDR, has also erased from history the conservatism of some of America’s most famous Black sports icons of yesteryear.


1. Republicans Joe Louis & Jesse Owens  21968: Jesse Owens would also endorse Republican Richard Nixon for president.  3Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain — another conservative Republican — also endorsed Nixon.


We believe that the disrespect shown toward Wilt Chamberlain from most contemporary sports writers — who ignorantly claim that his dominance was due to playing in an era of inferior players — may be related to his conservative politics. Chamberlain (7′ 1″, 4.6 40-yard-dash, 48-inch vertical leap, 600 pound bench press) remains, in our analysis, the greatest basketball player of all time, in any era.


 Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the Supreme Court finally tossed out the infamous ruling which upheld the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War 2.

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, it’s about time. That was one of the most shameful events in American history.



Sugar: Never forget, Boobuss. That wass your commie-boy Roossevelt that did it. It’s all in, “The Real Roosseveltss.” (here)


Editor: And if the war had gone badly, he would probably have exterminated them in those isolated locations.


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