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UK – ‘Muslims are the vilest animals’: post shared by Jewish Board of Deputies member sparks probe

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RT – A member of the Jewish Board of Deputies is to be investigated by the organization for her “Islamophobic and “anti-Arab” views, after sharing tweets that described Muslims as “the vilest of animals” and Arabs as “so evil.” CONTINUE READING

No, Israel Is Not a Democracy

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Ilan Pappe is right: Israel is not a democracy, never was and never intended to be. It is a military theocracy with the Torah as its constitution and the Book Of Joshua as its main military training manual. CONTINUE READING

SOUTH AFRICA – Israeli Special Forces Train White South African Farmers To Ward Off Violent Attacks

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The self-defense system is called Krav Maga, which was developed for the Israel Defense Forces. Abolnik has now brought it to South Africa to help with those suffering racial oppression under an authoritarian government. It’s open to everyone and anyone who wants a specially designed system for farmers. We train them to deal with a variety of different attacks, Abolnik told South Africa’s News24 TV channel. We teach them hand-to-hand combat, bush warfare, semi-bush warfare, urban warfare and how to collect information.” The program costs about R20 000 per person (about $1,500) for an intensive two-week course. CONTINUE READING

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Bennett: ‘The West Bank will soon become part of Israel’

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MEMO – The occupied West Bank and all the illegal settlements in it “soon become part of the State of Israel”, the head of the Jewish Home Party and Minister of Education in the Israeli government, Naftali Bennett, said yesterday.According to Hebrew news site 0404, Bennett’s statements came in response to the Israeli occupation forces’ evacuation of 15 houses in the settlement of Netiv HaAvot on a hill belonging to Palestinian civilians in the town of Al-Khader, west of occupied Bethlehem. CONTINUE READING

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Israel’s secret history of assassinations

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ELECTRONIC INTIFADA – “Since World War II, Israel has assassinated more people than any other country in the Western world,” Bergman writes. In many cases, these so-called targeted killings over the last two decades also involved the deaths of nearly a thousand bystanders, according to Bergman’s calculations – those numbers, however, fail to include the tens of thousands killed in overt acts of war and collective punishment that mostly go unmentioned in this book.  CONTINUE READING

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SPECTRE – How Israel became a hub for surveillance technology

by TUT editor

How Israel became a hub for surveillance technology

There are two other reasons why Israel plays such an outsize role in the global surveillance industry. One is that there are “hardly any” legal limits on veterans “taking certain research ideas they worked on in the military and developing them” in the private sector. In addition, said Gordon, Israel’s decadeslong occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, along with its periodic wars, “provides a laboratory for testing and fine tuning different commodities that are created, or different technologies.”

Those technologies are then exported around the world. CONTINUE READING

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‘Every bullet has a precise address’ – another Israeli journalist justifies the massacre

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MONDOWEISS – This logic has been uttered by a prominent Israeli journalist: Mass shootings of Palestinians have saved their lives. Reporting from the sniper positions near the Gaza fence, Dan Margalit writes in his Hebrew-only Haaretz opinion (Saturday):

From this position, the events looked a bit different than from the Karni crossing near Nahal Oz. Now I am convinced, more than at the beginning of the fighting about 10 weeks ago, that the massive shooting at the beginning of the battles [sic] has saved many Palestinian lives, and of course, first and foremost, lives of Israelis.”

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Israeli minister disappointed at not killing Palestinian young man

by TUT editor

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“It would have been better if they would have finished the job, just finished the job and shot him. We do not need to take him into custody, we need him dead,” he said. CONTINUE READING

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In Their Own Words: Was Every Israeli Prime Minister a Racist?

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THE RUSSOPHILE – Most nation states in our world today have dealt with their fair share of institutionalized racism and bigotry, and Israel is no exception. However when it comes to Israel, the volume of racism expressed by prominent political figures is both astounding and concerning.

A compilation of various racist and hateful quotes by Israeli Prime Ministers demonstrating the extent to which racism is entrenched as well as normalized in Israeli political culture.

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How They Do It– ‘Why the Goyim must protect Israel’

by TUT editor

ed note–as we like to point out here often, yahweh, the ‘god’ of Israel, is said to have told performed all sorts of fantastic miracles in order to get ‘his chosen people’ into that land. The 10 plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, the pillar of fire at night and sand storm during the day, the mannah from heaven, etc.

In short, this very powerful ‘god’, yahweh, has no need whatsoever of any Gentile assistance in protecting the apple of his eye.

And yet, we are told, it is the burden of the Goyim to fork over their national treasure and the blood of their youth in protecting something that if it were truly yahweh’s masterpiece, would need nothing more than his divine will in sustaining it.

Let’s dissect further a few of the other ‘goodies’ in Meotti’s toilet-bowl buffet of verbal and conceptual excrement–

‘Why should non-Jews today tremble for Israel? The ancient kingdom of Israel played a role in the formation of Western civilization completely disproportionate to its size. Its spiritual heritage is one of the pillars of the Western civilization. The Jewish people affirmed for the first time the principles that today form the basis of our civilization: equality and dignity of all men, universal law, the protection of the defenseless…’

Use of the term ‘Tremble’–Our dear Gentile readers should make no mistake about the fact that Meotti is utilizing veiled threats of Gentile extinction via one (or several) of the WMDs Israel has at her disposal, including control of the monetary systems of the West, nukes, and the use of DNA-specific biological warfare which Israel has developed. All can rest assured that just as the Jewish state invented a form of the plague which targets those of true Semitic origin that she has also developed similar agents that target people of Western origin as well, even specifically sub-categorizing them based upon a person’s Irish, Ango-Saxon, Germanic, Dutch, Italian, French, etc DNA makeup.

Equally audacious is Meotti’s lunatic assertion that Israel played any role whatsoever in the formation of Western Civilization. Western Civilization predates the primate-level Hebraic culture by thousands of years, and all anyone need do in understanding how well the two polar opposites complimented each other is to consider the manner by which the cultures of Greece/Rome clashed with that of Judea, and specifically in the latter case where a war lasting over 100 years was fought as described by Jewish historian Josephus.

We say it often and it bears repeating over, and over, and over again–

Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie.

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New post on The Ugly Truth


by TUT editor


NEWSWEEK – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu openly discussed his nation’s military attacks on targets in Syria, describing them as measures that will prevent more refugees from fleeing to Europe.

The Israeli leader said that these alleged efforts by Iran are “a recipe for a re-inflammation of another civil war” and that the results “could be millions more that go into Europe,” Reuters reported. CONTINUE READING

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