5G Weaponized Wifi

5G Weaponized Wifi

I have written about this before however, I feel I failed to convey just how dangerous this 5G really can be. Right now the WiFi operates at the 2 gigahertz frequency.

In the 2 gigahertz range, water molecules are made to begin to rotate. Now they are going to open up a new spectrum to broadcast in the 60 gigahertz range. At this frequency oxygen molecules are now going to be affected. So basically they are going to be cooking you from the inside out.

Make no mistake 5G is a weaponized system whose purpose is to eliminate you and me. They have huge cables and massive generators the size of shipping containers for what? To generate the power need to microwave you.

Because the signals don’t go very far they will make their smart cities have kill grids, with antennas on every light post and telephone pole . As well as every cell tower.

With people like Bill Gates saying we need to lower the population by 90 to 95 percent. This weapon system is their answer folks. We have plenty of bandwith now. They will make sure it’s more and more addictive to make sure you have a device in your hands all day.

They will have you going to the store to buy signal extenders, so that you are completely bathed in the weaponized signal. Remember this neither Bill Gates or Steve Jobs let their families handle or be around the devices they sold. So why should your family be around such devices?

I have included a video for reference on this subject.

I encourage you to research the above topic as well.

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