Zionist ‘Jews’ Control Our Media & The Zionist Symbol is the Six Pointed Star

How They Do It– ‘There’s a simple explanation for school shootings–It’s the Guns’

by TUT editor

ed note–The Jews as a group who today are in total control of the media in America (and elsewhere throughout the West) did not get control of this very strategic asset by accident. In seeing their agenda move forward, they recognized that this–along with control of money, but to a lesser degree–must be achieved in the same way that any army seeks to take a hill and use its elevated position as a base of operations in lobbing ordnance down upon the enemy below.

And in this function, the media is more important than control of the money supply or even control of the government, for through the media and its ability to steer the entire culture of a nation, the politics, spending habits, behaviors, etc of people are hijacked and steered via remote control in whatever direction and in whatever manner the occupying power in control of information desires.

And no one should doubt its effectiveness. Merely look around at how people behave–especially young people who are still in the process of ‘finding’ themselves. Compare how they dress, how they talk and their behavior juxstaposed to what is splashed across the media vis a vis whoever the flavor of the day happens to be in terms of pop culture. Body piercings, tattoos, language, sexual activity, etc, all of these things and more are carefully-written/carefully-coded behavioral programs that are downloaded onto the harddrives of a nation just waiting for whoever installed them to execute them and put their operations into motion.

Frum knows that it is he and his cousins who are responsible for America’s culture having gone to the dogs. Bit by bit, drip by drip, drop by drop, a deliberate program of degrading morals and civility while at the same time elevating vice, violence, vulgarity, and every other vicious attribute that defines a nation of barbarians is the result of the decades-long conditioning which Judea, Inc has overseen in turning America into the remorseless, greedy Golem that Israel needs in waging war against almost 2 billion Muslims.

Guns–including modern military type weapons which are now the norm these days in these mass shootings–have been around since America’s founding, but it is only in the last generation, after a prolonged period of deliberate de-civilization of the American mind that we see the kinds of violence taking place now, and it is within the context of running interference and making sure that people remain fixed on the guns themselves rather than on the toxic effect that ‘Jewish values’ have had over the morals of America through control of the mass media and Hollywood that Frum & co seek to ‘change the subject’ as to just who is responsible in the same way that immediately following 9/11, anyone who dared draw a connecting line between America’s overt pro-Israel stance in the Middle East to the events of that day were immediately shouted down as ‘anti-Shemites’ and ‘Joo-haters’. Read more of this post

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