The Cabal Speaks in The Secret Covenant (Rothchild ZIONIST/British Empire Crime Syndicate Runs United States)

George H.W. Bush once said “If the American People ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us.” (Part of Cabal.)

The Activism Solution to the EVIL is below:

Here We Stand, May 2, 2021The Thing in the Mirror: Removing the Inner Blindfold in our Fight against Tyranny
Here We Stand, April 25, 2021Extinction and Beyond: Do we deserve freedom and survival?
Here We Stand, April 18, 2021Indicting top Canadian politicians for Crimes against Humanity: the Evidence
Here We Stand, April 11, 2021Kevin Annett is under attack: Background and Steps forward
Here We Stand, April 4, 2021The Death Throes of the Beast: Endings and Beginnings towards the ‘Kindom’ of Heaven
Here We Stand, March 28, 2021Our Changing Times: Learning from a Veteran Revolutionary
Here We Stand, March 21, 2021Wisdom gained on our journey to the new Republic
Here We Stand, March 14, 2021The War on the West Coast and the Rise of Kanata: Necessary Background for Republic citizens
Here We Stand, March 7, 2021How to deal with disruptions and keep the high ground: Some lessons on the road to the Republic
Here We Stand, February 28, 2021Overcoming the Inner Tyranny to Abolish the Outer: Our Spiritual Politics
Here We Stand, February 21, 2021Building our Republic: The Vision, Program and Strategy
Here We Stand, February 14, 2021Hands Across the Waters: The Movement to Reclaim France from the Corporatocracy, with guest Eva Ponty
Here We Stand, February 7, 2021Knowing our own Domestic Police State: Further Conversations with Paul Kuleba, targeted Republic official
Here We Stand, January 31, 2021Breaking the Chains: How one Republic citizen resisted and overcame illegal imprisonment and torture
Here We Stand, January 24, 2021Reclaiming our Minds and our World: Lessons from Survivors and Veterans
Here We Stand, January 17, 2021Uniting the spiritual and the worldly battle
Here We Stand, January 10, 2021Building Blocks of Liberty: Essential Knowledge for Sovereign People
Here We Stand, January 3, 2021Inspiration and Plans for 2021: The View from the Republic of Kanata
Here We Stand, December 27, 2020More eyewitnessed evidence of the medical murder of our people: To be registered in court
Here We Stand, December 20, 2020Trash a Temple for Jesus, and other Christmas reflections

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