UK-Tommy Robinson of the EDL or English Defense League Promoting the Same Agenda As the Government

UK – Tommy Robinson, Organized Jewry, Hero Worship And Tommytards

by TUT editor

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THE UNZ REVIEW – From the very beginning, Robinson has had a dubious relationship with organised Jewry in Britain (…) The English Defence League, after all, was formed in the image of the Jewish Defence League. From the very beginning, it also promoted multi-racialism and attacked genuine nationalists in Britain who had been exposing the same as “racists”. The EDL under Robinson had various groups within it, including a Jewish section and an LGBT one. In other words, the EDL promoted the same agenda as the government (…)

But onto the present case in hand, Tommy Robinson’s jailing, supposedly for speaking freely. Julie Lake’s article published here got it absolutely spot on: it was his own fault. I will go further: he went there with the express purpose of being arrested and imprisoned so that he could become “a martyr to the cause.” (…)

I expect leading politicians in Israel to criticise the British government over its handling of Tommy Robinson in order to gain the support of ordinary Britons for Israel and organised Jewry at large. This will mean they will be free to continue the promotion of miscegenation and decadence in British culture. Tommy Robinson’s celebrity will grow — expect a book out soon! And he will lead — oh yes, he will lead — us all to the promised land of kosher fake nationalism, along with the likes of Anne Marie Waters and her “For Britain” party. CONTINUE READING

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