Trump’s Samson Moment Means He Will Have to Take on His Attackers & Take Them All the Way Down

Is This Trump’s “Samson Moment”?

by TUT editor


The results of the 2016 election have never been accepted by a small group of oligarchs, politicos, intelligence honchos and career bureaucrats. The presidential election did not produce the outcome they wanted, so they agreed to use their power to try to change the result (…) This group of fifth columnists settled on a plan for disposing of Trump by creating an Office of the Grand Inquisitor, an undemocratic, supra-legal agency that operates independent of Congress, the White House or the American people. The Mueller Inquisition (…)

By now, Trump must know that there’s nothing he can do to appease his enemies. They want him removed and they’re not going to settle for anything less than regime change. They’ve made that quite clear. Which leaves Trump with just one option, engage the enemy, flush them out into the open, enlist the support of the people and, most of all, make the co-conspirators pay for what they’ve done. CONTINUE READING

TUT editor | 05/06

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