Trump’s Plans on Middle East Peace 35 Years in the Making

Trump’s plans on Middle East peace 35 years in the making

by TUT editor

ed note–a fascinating collection of facts concerning Trump’s views/plans decades ago, and while we do not necessarily agree with the author’s end theory–that possibly Trump and Putin are mere ‘puppets’ of the same hidden hand–the fact that Trump’s present plan in solving the intractable problem(s)  in the Middle East, of preventing the proliferation of nukes and that Russia should be a partner in all of this has deep roots in things he has done/said in the past only underscores and supports what we have been saying now since Trump emerged as a serious contender on the political scene 2 years ago, as well as why the various goombahs making up Judea, Inc–who clearly began assembling files on Trump decades ago–have been/are dedicated to destroying him before he can achieve what he has set out to do.

TUT editor | 05/18/2018 at 9:34 | Ca

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