Trump’s Peace Plan Reported: Four Neighborhoods in Jerusalem to Function as PA Capital

Trump’s Peace Plan Reported: Four Neighborhoods in Jerusalem to function as PA Capital

by TUT editor

ed note–not necessarily wanting to say ‘we told ya so’, but indeed, we told ya so.

When everyone and his brother was p****** their pants over Trump’s ‘Jew-rusalem declaration,’ insisting that he had ‘caved to the Jews’ entirely and that all the talk about a Palestinian state up to that point had all been just an act, we pointed out that the language he used in his declaration did not cede the entirety of the city to Israel and left open the possibility/likelihood that East Jerusalem would indeed become ‘Palestinian’. We used as further evidence of this the fact that the Jews themselves did not trust the offering Trump had made as evidenced by the wall of wailing and kvetching they rendered in the aftermath, that his speech dd not specifically use the word ‘undivided’.

Are we happy that this leaves a Jewish state intact, thus arrogating a seal of approval for all the rapine, theft, murder, and misery that Judea, Inc has inflicted upon the Palestinian people?

Of course not. If it were up to us, every single Jewish supremacist would be given a one way ticket to the planet of their origin–Jewpiter–with the warning that if they ever managed to return to Earth that the welcoming committee they would encounter would not be to their liking at all.

But is Trump’s peace plan a start?

Yes. A Palestinian state would be infinitely better than what these people suffer at present, and besides, the absence of conflict in the region would light the fuse of the eventual demise of the Jewish state, as it cannot exist in any other kind of environment except one of constant conflict. Read more of this post

My Comment:  Pictured Palestinian child murdered by ISIS whom Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gave active support to-Americans, have we NO SHAME?

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