The US Empire is Ready to Sink Like the Titanic With Our OverPrinted, Over Inflated Dollar….Isn’t it Time to Join the BRICs for INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT and a Multi Polar World??

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MUST READ – The End Of Our Empire Approaches — History is clear on where we’re headed

by TUT editor


PATRIOT RISING – The British museum is a testament to the fact that empires have been rising and falling for thousands of years. The common elements of every empire include its own appreciation for works of extreme beauty and human craftsmanship, along with strict hierarchy. They all expressed a strong connection to the divine, however they felt it, each with their own mythologies and attendant religions to make sense of it all…and help cement the rulers place(s) at the top, of course (…)

The lessons of history are absolute; nothing lasts. Everything changes, especially who’s in charge. So what are our explanations today that keep us all in line? What keeps us from revolt? To what do we bow our daily collective heads in fealty to?

The answer is Money. CONTINUE READING

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