Soaked in Bleach Trailer & Movie: Kurt Cobain Clearly Murdered; Courtney Love Clearly Benefited in $1 Billion Community Property

My Comment:  All these ‘suicide attempts’ did not happen until Courtney Love was in Cobain’s life and on verge of divorce & disinheritance.  She has had a living off of his legacy mainly PUBLISHING RIGHTS, ROYALTIES and PERSONAL PROPERTY.  In the impending divorce she would have received none of this for she had signed a PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT.  She had previously offered Il DUCE $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain who declined.  She financed the drug habits of everyone around her so none of these junkies were going to talk because they would lose their drug supply.  She probably paid off the police chief to not investigate which he clearly did not.  What is $500,000 or $50,000 when you stand to gain $1 BILLION or $1,000 Million.  You would still have at least $999 Million left!  She would threaten to sue any newspaper or publisher for libel and slander if they tried to expose her.  She likely paid many a newspaper to not write defamatory comments.  Her own entertainment lawyer was afraid of her!  Courtney Love told Endless Lies to her own investigator yet only her version of what was happening was told in our media.  There are so many aspects to this:  FAKE MEDIA, MURDER, COVER-UP, INJUSTICE, VIOLENT CRIME, and one honest and very brave investigator who spoke the Truth ALONE!

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