Prince Harry’s Masonic Hand Signals

Prince Harry To Melania Trump: Was Harry’s Devil Hand Signal For Melania? Body Language Experts Speak [Video]

Photos of Prince Harry posing with first lady Melania Trump are going viral, and viewers are trying to figure out what Harry was doing with his hand when he met Melania for the first time. Melania was leading the USA team delegation prior to the Invictus Games 2017 scheduled for September 23, in Toronto, Canada. However, it is Harry’s hand gesture that is getting plenty of buzz and has folks on social media asking if Harry was attempting to send some sort of signal with his hand. According to Twitter, popular searches regarding Prince Harry’s hand included “Prince Harry hand signal” and “Prince Harry hand sign,” as well as “Prince Harry hand gesture.”

People on Twitter are asking what Prince Harry was trying to say with his hand, with many folks accusing Harry of giving the devil horns signal, perhaps if not directly to Melania then to the Trump regime. According to The Sun, Prince Harry forced a smile when he met Melania – a smile that disappeared when Harry turned away from the cameras. As seen in the below photos, Prince Harry tucked the thumb, ring finger and middle finger of his right hand into his suit jacket. This left Harry’s index finger and pinkie finger out – an almost “I love you” sign language movement, except for the thumb being tucked away.

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My Comment:  Royals cheap out on feeding commoners they leach off of.

Dope. Inc. Britain’s Opium War Against the World

More than 30 years have passed since the first edition of Dope, Inc. was published in 1978. Commissioned by Lyndon LaRouche, it drew the line between American patriots and the British apparatus destroying the U.S.A.

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