Years Ago LaRouche Spoke the Truth About Zionist Occupied Gov of U.S.A.

On the Jewish faith and Jewish culture. LaRouche attacks Judaism as the religion of the “Roman merchant-usurer who had not yet evolved to the state of Papal Enlightenment, a half-Christian, who had not yet developed a Christian conscience” and Jewish culture as “merely the residue left to the Jewish home after everything saleable has been marketed to the Goyim” (The Campaigner, December 1973).

Cover page of the above.

On Zionism. LaRouche claims (New Solidarity, August 22, 1978) that the Zionist Lobby is “the most visible of the internal enemies of the United States–and of the human race–at this specific moment. Every policy it is currently pushing is pure evil….” He also asserts that most Jews have a “paranoid” fear of anti-Semitism. If their alleged paranoia causes them to support Israel and the likes of the Anti-Defamation League, their “guilt is comparable in effect to that of the dewy-eyed Bavarian boys who, as ordinary SS men, guarded the KZ camps.” LaRouche further would have us believe that “the Nazis did not kill six million jews, but they did kill upwards of a million and a half.” (Note the insulting use of the low-case “j” throughout this article in referring to Jews.) LaRouche’s references to “slave-labor” camps and “KZ” (concentration) camps rather than the extermination camps reflect his assertion in an earlier article (“New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism,” New Solidarity, Dec. 8, 1978) that the 1.5 million Jews whom he concedes died were the victims of “the Nazi policy of labor-intensive ‘appropriate technology’ for the employment of ‘inferior races,’ a small fraction of the tens of millions of others–especially Slavs–who were murdered….” (In other words, LaRouche denies there was any deliberate gas-chamber extermination campaign against the Jews.)

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The “stench” of Israel. In “U.S.-Israeli relations: a little allegory” (unsigned news brief, July 6, 1982), LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review compares the Jewish state to a woman with “a stench so rank no one could come near her.” It is instructive to compare this open anti-Semitism with a coded rant in the May 30, 1978 New Solidarity (to come) in which LaRouche informs us that “British agents stink… their souls stink,” that they have “the hideous stench of subhuman Black Guelph breed” and that they represent “a species of financial aristocracy originally based in usurious tax-farming.”

Rooting out the “Zionist-British organism.” New Solidarity editorial (Sept. 5, 1978) calls for a national “Task Force” to “root out the cancer in the American body politic that is the so-called Zionist Lobby….Literally thousands of operatives for the Zionist Lobby have penetrated the halls of Congress, the State and Defense Departments, the CIA, and American business and labor organizations….Their loyalties lie not with the United States but with the Zionist-British organism….[A]nyone professing Zionist loyalties is by definition incapable of being loyal to the interests of the United States. He is, by definition, a national security risk. The Zionist octopus must be eliminated.”

Crushing the “treasonous” cabal. New Solidarity editorial (“Pollard Should Be Only the Beginning,” March 16, 1987) asserts that “the sentencing of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to a lifetime in jail doesn’t close the book on the sordid story of Mossad operations against the United States….[I]t must lead to a whole new round of housecleaning in the [Reagan] administration….Pollard was just a very small cog in a big, dirty apparatus.” The editorial also claims the cabal is linked to JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). Six individuals are named as playing a central role; all are Jewish.

Monica Lewinsky part of the plot? Executive Intelligence Review editorial (Sept. 25, 1998) suggests she’s a Zionist Mata Hari who set Clinton up for blackmail by the Israeli government. Compares her to convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Says the aim was to protect a Mossad mole and force Clinton to toe the line of the Likud Party and the U.S. “neo-conservative Zionist Lobby apparatus.”

Blaming the Jews for everything evil. This editorial, “Bust the American Drug Lobby–the ADL,” calls on the public to rise up: “If you hate drugs, Satanism, the KGB and the police state brutalization of pro-life activists, then you owe it to yourself and your children to do everything in your power to shut down the ADL. There can be no War on Drugs and no genuine freedom so long as the American Drug Lobby exists.” LaRouche has long used the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) as an easily-understood euphemism for the Jewish community in general. (LaRouche’s court Jews will say no, he’s only talking about “rich Jews,” but this distinction would be lost on most non-Jewish readers of LaRouche’s propaganda.) Read the last sentence of the above quote again: “There can be no…genuine freedom so long as the ______ exists.” Fill in the blank. Even if you include the adjective “rich,” it’s still a repulsive statement.

Continuation of the above. Note how the LaRouchians focus on the ADL’s supposed defense of abortion rights. This is sheer hypocrisy: The LaRouche organization has always had a policy of strongly pressuring women in its ranks to have abortions so they wouldn’t be tied down by family responsibilities that might hamper their ability to give their all for LaRouche’s fundraising campaigns. Former LaRouche followers describe how pregnant LCers were accompanied to the abortion clinic by reliable cadre to make sure they didn’t back out at the last moment. Ex-members estimate that over 200 abortions were undergone by LaRouchian women in the 1970s and 1980s, with some women having multiple abortions. Some of these women were unable to free themselves from the cult’s grip until they were too old to bear children. Click here for a harrowing account of the LaRouche organization’s abortion squad.

Opposition to the exposure and prosecution of Nazi war criminals

“Nothing less than treason”? New Solidarity editorial (July 1, 1985) attacks Nazi hunters from the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI): “Besides going after a lot of old German immigrants on the basis of evidence provided by the Soviet Union, the OSI is singlemindedly carrying out a witchhunt against the scientists who established the U.S. space program, and who are essential to running the SDI [this is a reference to Arthur Rudolph, production manager of the V-2 factory at the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp, where tens of thousands died; the OSI was seeking his deportation–DK]….[T]he actions of the OSI in this respect are nothing less than treason. The OSI witchhunters are ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ in time of the first phases of Soviet war against the United States….For traitors, in time of war, the penalty could reasonably be death. For the moment, however, we demand lesser penalties….” (emphasis added).

Once again with LaRouche’s Big Lie. New Solidarity article (“ADL Spews out Smear Against Eminent German Scientist,” April 2, 1985) is full of outlandish fabrications: for instance, that the DOJ’s targeting of war criminal Arthur Rudolph was part of a KGB-instigated campaign to prosecute over 600 German-American scientists (those brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip after World War Two) and thus sabotage the SDI. In fact, (a) no broad DOJ investigation of the Paperclip scientists was ever launched, nor did the LaRouchians ever present any evidence that DOJ officials had even contemplated such a campaign; (b) the LaRouchians never presented the slightest evidence that anyone in the DOJ’s Nazi-hunting unit was a KGB “asset”; and (c) most of the Paperclip scientists and engineers (40 years after the end of the war) were either retired or close to retirement and few had even a marginal relationship to SDI. The author of this Big Lie article later quit LaRouche’s organization and has denounced him.

LaRouche versus the alien species

Der Abscheulicher‘s ultimate fantasy. Boasts that he’s the “potential destroyer” of the evil species at war with humanity (guess who) and that they regard him as their “ancient and feared adversary” and as “more dangerous than Hitler.”

First page of “more dangerous than Hitler” article.

The Rottweiler’s as evil as her husband

Crimes of the Nazis “like a picnic” compared to what the “Zionist-British” are plotting. Helga Zepp-LaRouche calls the Holocaust a “swindle,” says German “Zionists” (an “extremely well-hidden” cabal) are traitors to the fatherland, and asserts that the “Zionist-British circles” are plotting a “holocaust that will make the crimes of Nazis look like a picnic….[T]here is not the slightest qualitative difference between the morality of the Zionists and that of the worst Nazis.” (New Solidarity, Jan. 26, 1979.)

Continuation of Helga’s rant.

Code language and other gobbledegook (Lyn and Helga’s bait and switch game)

British equals Yiddish. Jewish Star with Queen Elizabeth at top flanked by Kissinger, Milton Friedman (New Solidarity, Oct. 17, 1978). In the accompanying article LaRouche states that “the variety of ‘Judaism’ represented by Zionism’s inner circles is summarily identified historically by drawing a circle through the points of the pentacle represented by the Star of David: ‘black magic’ and Satanism.”

First few paragraphs of accompanying article. LaRouche claims that those “whom the British would destroy, they first drive mad.”

Deutschland uber alles! Helga complains (New Solidarity, Dec. 2, 1985) that America’s leading families such as the Roosevelts have a “pathological hatred of everything German.” Also says the United States “committed what was perhaps the gravest error in its entire history, when it entered [World War I] on the side of the British against Germany” and that the U.S. should have united with the “republican-nationalist” Wehrmacht against Churchill, Stalin and British agent Hitler during World War II. (Huh??) Also says “the individual [in German political theory] enters into a reciprocal relationship with the state, and is obliged to act towards its maximum development” (emphasis added).

Picture of Helga from article above.

LaRouche in the bunker

“Low dogs…spat in the face of God.” With his trial about to begin in federal court in Alexandria, Va. for stealing the life savings of senior citizens, LaRouche issued a call (Nov. 14, 1988; published in EIR, Nov. 25, 1988) for a “worldwide anti-Bolshevik resistance struggle” that would wage “people’s war” against an impending Soviet conquest and occupation of Germany and other countries. This strange fantasy concocted on the eve of his trial suggests just which historical personage LaRouche identifies with when the chips are down–and it isn’t Benjamin Franklin or Martin Luther King. Note also LaRouche’s tirade against the Nazi war criminal-hunting unit of the same U.S. Justice Department that was seeking his own conviction: “We despise as low dogs those who betrayed U.S. justice and spat in the face of God, by sending the American citizen Karl Linnas to his death at Soviet hands. These persons are an example of those we demand be brought to trial for their crimes against God and humanity.” Alas, a jury of LaRouche’s peers ignored his rantings and found him guilty on all charges. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, he was released on parole after five years. [Note: Linnas, who died in a Soviet prison hospital in 1987 while awaiting trial, had been the commandant of the Tartu death camp in Nazi-occupied Estonia.]


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