Lies of the Elite Zionists Like Satanyahu….It’s ALL About the MONEY! by Blackpilled and What You Can Do About It

My Comment:  In the end these fake wars will cost Americans Their Pensions, Savings and Future. How?  The Economic Collapse and Bank Bail-ins will rob people of Trillions.  The Pensions will lose their value in the Stock Market Collapse coming.  The Savings will be bailed in to save our corrupt banks.  What can you do?  Call Congress for Glass-Steagall to protect your Pensions and Savings!  Glass-Steagall will not allow banks to steal your funds to bail theirselves out which is currently allowed under Dodd-Frank.  202-224-3121 to call Congress.  Contact President Trump for Glass-Steagall 202-456-1414!

Buy Silver and Gold now!  They will hold their value throughout the Collapse.  Store extra canned goods in your pantry.  I personally like meat and beans and rice in 10 to 25 pound bags.   Grow your own garden.  Collect heirloom seeds now.  Invest in as many canned goods and stockpiled goods as you can.  Get a bicycle with a basket.  Find out where your farmer’s markets are and fishermen.  There is much you can do.  But you MUST CALL CONGRESS & YOUR PRESIDENT TO INSIST ON GLASS-STEAGALL.  Ask for a Pecora’s Commission to hold these Financial Criminals Accountable.

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