LaRouchePAC Daily: A Four Power Agreement Can Create a New World Credit System

LaRouche: “A Four-Power Agreement Can Create a New World Credit System”

The British Empire and allied forces have launched a series of coordinated attacks globally, designed to ensure that no lasting coalition for development and peace is formed around the planet’s four leading powers—Russia, China, India and the United States. These attacks include escalating provocations intended to unleash surrogate war in the Middle East (Iran and Syria); in Ukraine; and on the Korean Peninsula—all designed to ultimately escalate to a global war of the U.S. against Russia and China.READ MORE

Why the US Must Join the BRICS | LaRouchePAC

Here is the digital version of “A New International Order for Mankind: Why the US Must Join the BRICS“. The paper edition of this report is currently circulating in the United States in the tens of thousands.

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