“Get Me Roger Stone!” Expose Documentary and Some Background on Roger Stone & Trump: SUPER ZIONISTS!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017



Trump and Stone.
Timothy Fitzpatrick writes that Roger Stone is likely lying about food poisoning, and is more likely dying of AIDS.

Stone and Milo

Stone and Trump both have Roy Cohn as their mentor.

Cohn died of AIDS.

According to court testimony given by Lew Rosenstiel’s fourth wife:

Cohn was part of a New York child-abuse-blackmail network run with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and bisexual Jewish liquor baron Lew Rosenstiel.

Roger Stone is likely lying

Milo (left) and Trump.

Nicholas Faith, in The Bronfmans: The Rise and Fall of the House of Seagram, writes of reports of:

“Parties at which J. Edgar Hoover could frolic in his favorite frocks, parties that featured boy prostitutes for the enjoyment of other guests like Roy Cohn.”

Meyer Lansky is alleged to have run the blackmail ring alongside Rosenstiel.

witnesses have corroborated this story.

A retired New York Police Detective claims that Stone was part of this Lansky-Cohn-Rosenstiel-Hoover pederast blackmail network.

Timothy Fitzpatrick writes:

“Stone is likely, then, to have participated in the blackmail ring at New York’s Plaza Hotel blue suite, of which Donald Trump may also have been involved.

“Trump eventually became owner of the hotel in 1988…

“Stone  may well have been entrenched in the DC sexual-blackmail underworld.

“He may have been a child victim of it himself…”

Roger Stone is likely lying

Roger Stone at a New York City gay parade in 2010. Stone and Pizzagate

The following is fiction.

Roger Stone has agreed to meet me at the Beach Cafe, an Upper East Side New York burger joint which has crystal chandeliers and linen tablecloths.

Roger Stone is Donald Trump’s “longest-surviving confidant.”

Roger Stone – FT.com / [48][49]

When he arrives I note that Roger is wearing a tailored linen jacket and a silky tie.

I notice that the waiters are all wearing ties.

We order ‘Beach’ Burgers, salads and Gorgonzola Garlic Bread.

I ask Roger about the tatoo of Richard Nixon that he has on his back.

“I was the dirty trickster for Richard Nixon,” explains Roger.

Roger Stone – FT.com

Roger Stone

Roger continues: “Nixon talked about the silent majority, and the forgotten American – just like Trump is doing.”

Roger Stone – FT.com

Roger tells me: ‘I was introduced to Donald Trump by Roy Cohn’.

shermsays.blogspot. / nationalreview.com

I ask Roger about his first impression of Trump, when they first met.

“Trump’s office was like something from a Marx Brothers movie.

“This is how Trump would operate as president,” explains Roger.

Roger Stone – FT.com

From Dirty Tricks. italkyoubored.wordpress.com.

I ask Roger about Donald Trump’s links to the Playboy Mansion, the gay Roy Cohn, sex clubs such as Studio 54 and Jeffrey Epstein.

Roger explains that Trump has impressed the Evangelical Christians in the Republican Party.

Roger says: “The attitude of the evangelical Christians is, ‘Who cares if you were for homosexuality 10 years ago. Now you are saved’.”

Roger Stone – FT.com / Roger Stone Denies That Donald Trump Is Homosexual.

Stone, in the 1990s, was exposed for having advertised in a swinger’s magazine.

What about the Clintons, I ask?

“You can’t trust them when it comes to sex,” says Roger.

Roger Stone.
I ask Roger if he can trust Donald Trump to take a tough line with Putin and Russia.

Roger reminds me that Trump has said that Russia does not respect the USA enough, and, that if a Russian plane approaches U.S. military assets overseas, Trump will shoot it down.

Trump says the US has ‘gotta shoot’ at Russian planes.

I ask Roger Stone, who is is Jewish, about Trump and Israel.

“Donald Trump is a radical Zionist”, says Stone.

Roger Stone on AIPAC Speech.

Will Trump bomb Iran?

“If Israel is in trouble, Trump will bomb Iran.”

Trump love-bombs Israel – and says he would fight Iran.

Stone and Trump do not blame Jews for the JF Kennedy assassination.

Stone and Trump do not blame Jews for 9 11.

Stone tells me that the Clinton aide Huma Abedin “is connected to radical Islamic organizations that are in turn tied to the financing of the attacks upon America of 9/11.”

Trump Confidante Roger Stone Pushes Clinton Aide 9/11 Conspiracy
Lunch with the FT: Roger Stone – FT.com

My Comment:  This is very bad news.  A Radical Zionist will do ANYTHING CRIMINAL FOR ISRAEL!  If Israel is in trouble (which it is), Trump WILL BOMB IRAN!  WW3!

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