Demented Pelosi Doesn’t Even Make Sense: Told to Take a Break By CNN Host (Front Woman For Shadow Gov’t is Demented & Can’t Put Two Words Together That Make Sense)

Pelosi has a chilling message for America –The Horn News
“Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that House Democrats have enjoyed a huge funding wave from Wall Street bankers and liberals groups – and they’re trying to take back the majority in November by any means necessary….This isn’t just any election, conservative leaders warn. If Democrats retake power, they’ll forever rig the system to make sure they hold power forever. They’ll undo all the work President Donald Trump has done. They’ll stuff the courts with liberal judges and impeach anyone they don’t like – which makes the 2018 midterm elections the most important of our lifetime….’We’re going to spend millions this summer and this fall reminding people what Nancy Pelosi would do to this country if she were speaker again,’ Congressional Leadership Fund executive director Corry Bliss said.”

CNN quickly pulls cameras off Nancy Pelosi as her odd brain malfunction shocks audience. She recently sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a full hour of live TV, and she was making crazy statements along with having multiple brain malfunctions. Nancy Pelosi suffers brain freezes, stares at audience, waves hands while struggling to speak


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My Comment:  I wouldn’t trust her to clean my house or feed an elderly person.  She obviously doesn’t care about the mother who’s child was murdered by a sanctuaried illegal alien.  She does not care!

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