Behind the Smoke And Mirrors of Golan heights: Returning Syria’s Territory Back to Them?

Congressman seeks US recognition of Israeli sovereignty in Golan Heights

by TUT editor

Ron DeSantis, a strong supporter of embassy move to Jerusalem, says he has presented proposal to the Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs

ed note–again, we must consider the timing of all of this.

Trump is about to release the details of his much discussed ‘ultimate peace deal’ he has been working on for 35 years, and it is likely to contain some provision in it for the return of the Golan Heights–stolen by God’s chosen and thieves–from Syria in the 1967 war, and Netanyahu is pulling all the strings he has in the US Congress to get some ‘official’ recognition of the validity of this theft before Trump starts the peace train a-rolling. It is also somewhere between possible and probable that Trump–working through his back channel with the Russians–has secured at least a tacit agreement with the Syrians that if the Golan is returned to them that they might ratchet down some of their rhetoric and activity in the region, giving an otherwise volcanic situation the opportunity of de-escalating. Read more of this post

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