What is Going on With Alex Jones and Sandy Hook/Crippling Lawsuit

Alex Jones, backtracking in the face of crippling lawsuit now says Sandy Hook shooting did happen

by TUT editor

ed note–a quote from Thomas Jefferson is rather appropo here–

‘Do not bite at the bait of pleasure until you know there is no hook hidden within it.’

The Sandy Hookers however, including Jones, did not hesitate a microsecond before biting down on that worm presented immediately after the Sandy Hook shooting, where it was first asserted by the portly James Fetzer (without a shred of evidence to back it up) that a ‘3 man death squad from the Mossad’ entered the school and killed all those people, only to then reverse course 180 shortly thereafter and then state rather dogmatically that ‘no one died’ and that ‘no shooting took place at all’.

Indeed, the entire thing was a set up from the beginning, but not in the sense as alleged by Jones, Fetzer, Duff, et al. The only ‘hoax’ that took place was the psyop which Obama’s then information czar Cass Sunstein suggested be employed, which was that these various ‘conspiracy theory groups’ needed to be ‘cognitively infiltrated’ with agents provacateurs and subverted from within where they could then be managed and manipulated by the very same forces against which they claimed to be arrayed and aligned.

We warned from the beginning that this was a disaster in the making and what the inevitable results of it all would be, that the 911 ‘truth’ movement would have its credibility destroyed and then after the planned-for irreversible damage had been done, that crippling lawsuits would follow. Jones and all his fellow travelers deserve full measure what is headed their way for the simple reason that when the opportunity arose for them to pause and consider rationally what it was that was being offered them, instead they bit down on that hook and swallowed it whole hog because in terms of satisfying their conspiracy-theory appetite, it just tasted soooooooo good.

And it will not end with simply Alex Jones being bankrupted. He is the big fish which they are targeting first, but sure to follow will come all the other fish of various sizes, shapes and assortments as well, and it won’t just be over ‘Sandy Hook’. Pretty soon will come the defamation lawsuits involving other areas not even remotely related to SH.

As we say here often, no one ever accused the Jews of being stupid. They know how to write a script, how to direct the various actors selected for their parts and through the use of their own hasbara-based black magic, make anything seem believable. Jones & co spent everything they had on the worthless stock known as ‘hoaxerism’ and now that it has crashed, they stand to be thrown out into the street penniless and destitute and they can’t blame their ‘stockbrokers’ for giving them bad advice, as they could have at any time recognized how worthless that stock was and dumped it.

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