The Coup Against Trump: Zionist Mafia Wants WW3 OR Else Trump MUST GO!!!

We’ve seen this movie before. It ended with impeachment.

by TUT editor

ed note–once again, if Trump posed no substantive threat to the JWO, none of this talk of impeachment would be taking place.

Recall as well that what put Clinton in the impeachment crosshairs–compliments of a nice Jewish girl with deep connections to Israel named Monica Lewinsky–was his brokering the Wye River Peace Deal Memorandum between Israel and the Palestinians, something that Judea, Inc viewed as anathema and worthy of death, politically (and literally) speaking. Trump making similar noises vis a vis his ‘ultimate’ peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is the energy source of the attempts at impeaching him as well in the interests of bringing to office a replacement whose Christian Zionist sympathies would stop dead in its tracks any move towards creating any state in the Middle East other than one that is Jewish.

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How They Do It– ‘Impeachment and the 25th Amendment: Is it time yet?’

by TUT editor

Trump blames Mueller probe for present escalating tensions with Russia

by TUT editor

ed note–please, all you self-proclaimed geniuses and experts out there who have this ‘Drumf’ thing all figured out, pay close attention to the language here, because you can rest assured of 2 things–

1. It is important, and

2. That Judea, Inc is paying VERY close attention, because they know that this is where the real ‘meat and potatoes’ of all genuine political intrigue takes place.

Trump is saying that the world being brought to the brink of war between 2 nuclear powers–the US and Russia–is not the work of Assad ‘gassing’ his people. He’s not blaming it on a trade war with China, on Kim Jong Un, or the immigration problem.

He is placing it squarely in the lap of his Zionist enemies who are seeking to implode his presidency by using Robert Mueller and the ‘Russian’ angle to do it.

If indeed all this saber rattling on Trump’s part vis a vis a missile strike in Syria is a political maneuver meant to scare the be-Jeezuz out of everyone by allowing tensions to escalate to the point that it appears war is imminent only to then have the entire thing fall apart with the announcement that the entire ‘gas attack’ story was ‘fake news’ brought forth by Trump’s enemies out to get a new war started and thus prevent him from bringing US troops home from Syria, he will have everything he needs to totally cut Mueller and Mueller’s handlers off at the knees.

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