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Join us at 9pm EST. We have reached a huge turning point in the war to create a new security architecture for the world, one in which creativity and discovery of the fundamental laws of the universe could, rapidly, become the province of all human beings. The alternative is a war, to preserve the present sick and failing Anglo-Dutch imperial system. At no time in post-war history has such a potential for a complete change in world affairs presented itself.READ MORE

April 5, 2018

What was it that allowed Martin Luther King to wield his mind and personality as such a powerful and effective force for justice; that his words and deeds now live long after him and still boldy stir the human soul? Why did his assassination leave such an irreplaceable void in the movement he led? In this January 19, 2004 speech in Talladega, Alabama Lyndon LaRouche truly captured, we believe, Dr. King’s passion; the same force which King himself refers to in his famous “From the Mountaintop” reflection on life. We recommend listening to Lyndon LaRouche’s tribute and then listening to “…READ MORE

The hysterical and vitriolic rhetoric against Russia, coming from Britain’s imperial oligarchs and their intelligence services, channeled through Theresa May and Boris BoJo Johnson, is fooling no one. While some governments have subserviently gone along with the British, others, including the U.S., have made only token gestures. The target of these provocations is the New Paradigm, associated with China’s BRI, which the City of London and its Wall Street allies correctly have identified as the successor to their failed system. Were the U.S. to join with Russia, China and India, as Lyndon…READ MORE

The British Imperial Lords are in a state of shock. Their frantic effort to save the Empire came crashing down Tuesday when the scientists at Porton Down refused to lie for the Empire — refused to say that the nerve agent in the Skripal case came from Russia. Recall that it was David Kelly, the head of the Defence Microbiology Division at Porton Down and a member of the inspection team in Iraq, who blew the whistle on Tony Blair’s “sexed up” dossier claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. As a scientist he refused to lie. Kelly was “suicided” as a result, and the…READ MORE

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