Boosting Syrian Air Defenses Will Scale Down US, Israeli Ambitions (Go Putin! The Greatest Leader EVER!)

Boosting Syrian Air Defenses Will Scale Down US, Israeli Ambitions by TUT editor


SPUTNIK – Earlier this week, Israeli Defense Minister vowed to retaliate if Syria uses the Russian-made S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems against Tel Aviv.

Speaking with Sputnik, Syrian lawmaker Ahmad Merhi said that Russia’s measures to improve Syria’s military capabilities will significantly reduce the potential of further Israeli airstrikes, as well as challenge the US’ hegemony in the Middle East. CONTINUE READING


My Comment:  Why I like Putin:  He Bans GMOs

                                                                    He Jails Financial Criminals.

                                                                    He has an international arrest warrant for one of the Vilest Criminals on the                                                                      planet:  George Soros of the Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist Mafia!

                                                                     While the US has bombed, maimed and murdered ASIANS, MIDDLE     EASTERNERS and AFRICANS RUSSIA sends aid and care packages.

                                                                     He has effectively almost wiped out terrorism in Syria.

                                                                     He respects Sovereign nations.

                                                                      Russia only has 2 overseas bases with the countries permission and one is in Crimea, Ukraine which used to be part of Russia.

                                                                       He tells it like it is-no LIES no BULLSHIT!  Love this Russian way of doing things.

                                                                        He has returned Russia to its Christian roots rebuilding the 5000 churches the Ashkenazi Bolsheviks destroyed.

America’s Christians should ALL be supporting Putin.  If they still have the cognitive skills to think (?)

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