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Big Changes in Your Credit Card!
By – John Grimaldi
Signatures are no guarantee against in person retail fraud
You may have noticed recently that some merchants are not requiring you to sign for chip-enabled credit or debit card purchases, no matter what the amount. That’s because the major card issuers recently announced that signatures will be optional for chip-card purchases at checkout…
Government Run Healthcare Sentences Another Child to Death in the U.K. Warning Against Death Panels in the U.S.
From – Daily Torch – by Printus LeBlanc
In his failed presidential bid, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) ran on a platform of socialized medicine, and he is still pushing the issue in the Senate today. The Senator and his fellow travelers …
$46,654: Annual Cost of Detaining Illegal Alien Exceeds Average American Income
From – – by Terence P. Jeffrey
The federal government paid a “bed rate” of $127.82 per day to house each illegal alien detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in fiscal 2016, according to ICE data published in a new report by…
If Current Laws Had Been Followed, There Would Have Been No Waffle House Shooting
From – The Daily Signal – by Amy Swearer
On Monday afternoon, Tennessee law enforcement officers captured a 29-year-old Illinois man suspected of opening fire on diners at a Nashville Waffle House, despite the man having had his firearms seized…
Medicare’s Dental Coverage is Limited – Know Your Options
From – Bright Idea Dental – by Mark Mattlage
There is a saying that may people are familiar with. “Knowledge is Power”. Well I think we can all agree that is true. How many of us have thought or said, “If I had only known.” Information is all around us but sometimes we don’t know…

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