Zionist Google/Jewgle Stealing Your Democracy (That’s What Zionists Do…They Created Nazi’s & Communism Too!)

Google / YouTube now trying to steal your democracy
Mike Adams It’s now clear that Google / YouTube is deliberately trying to steal your democracy by rigging all future elections through selective censorship of independent media.

The only “allowed” information that will exist on Google, Google News or YouTube will be propaganda channels that promote vaccines, GMOs, big government and hatred toward whites.

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Big Pharma’s contradictory junk science: Merck pulls “promising” Alzheimer’s drug from trials the same day Cleveland Clinic hails its successBy Ethan Huff | Read the full story
Lab-grown meat now coming to restaurants near you: Is your stomach prepared for it?By David Williams | Read the full story
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves first ever 3D-printed spine implant to treat injuriesBy David Williams | Read the full story
Does stir-frying veggies destroy their nutrition? Not according to the latest scientific analysisBy Jessica Dolores | Read the full story
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Major side effects from popular medicines: Beta-blockers and painkillers found to double risk of strokeBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full story
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Many diabetics suffer from foot complications, which typically happen because of nerve damage. “Diabetic foot” is signified by pain, stinging, burning, weakness or tingling in the foot. It can …

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You’re on your way to work or school when you feel this stabbing pain in your abdomen. You stop cold in your tracks, and clutch the painful part of your body, wishing the agony would end. It …

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Testing methods for tick-borne diseases tend to be cumbersome, unreliable, specialized, or even nonexistent.That is, until a Science Daily article reported the recently-developed Tick-Borne …

Science journal punked by technology “paper” that rewrote Star Trek episode plot
What would happen to the human body if we could travel at warp 10 speeds? According to paper authored by one Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, achieving this form of high-speed, faster-than-light travel would …

Junk food-induced Infertility: A soda per day, for either partner, reduces the chances of getting pregnant
A recent study has discovered that when you ingest one or more sugar-sweetened beverages per day, whether you are male or female, you will have adecreased chance of producing a child. The amount …

Discovery: Egg whites the “missing link” for low-cost production of clean hydrogen fuel
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U.S. beef industry makes strategic move to counter lab-grown meat with legal definition of “meat”
The era of so-called clean meat – artificial meat that was created from cells in a laboratory setting instead of being taken from real, live animals – is almost here. And the world has barely …

Prevent diabetes in dogs: Canine obesity is on the rise, along with all the related health problems
Research shows that overweight and obese dogs suffer from a host of health problems like musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, glucose intolerance, diabetes, and bladder and mammary …

More Left-wing media fraud: Websites run by Newsweek Media Group caught running malicious code to commit ad fraud
As Facebook and Google soak up an ever-increasing share of online ad revenue — estimated to be approaching 80 percent — news and information websites are looking for creative ways to serve ads …

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