The Billionaire Jewish Family Funding Breitbart and MILO YIANNOPOULOS (Totally Jewish Here)

For the past several years, Bob Mercer, a reclusive billionaire and co-chair of hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, has been covertly funding numerous right-wing movements in the U.S. and U.K. A major donor to President Donald Trump’s campaign and supporter of Brexit, the Mercer family has also been bankrolling both right-wing media outlet Breitbartand former contributor Milo Yiannopoulos through their foundation, the Mercer Family Foundation.

A recent BuzzFeed article revealed the extent to which the Mercers have been funding and supporting both Breitbart and Milo. In particular, the Mercers are so enamored of Milo that following his resignation from Breitbart earlier this year after the fake news media dogpiled him as a “pedophile,” they helped him launch his current project, MILO Inc.

While Return of Kings has no ill will towards Milo or Breitbart, we believe it is important that people know how they’re funded. Milo and Breitbart are not an organic nationalist resistance, but are being used to push the agenda of a wealthy Jewish family.

Who Is Bob Mercer?

Steven Bannon is closely aligned with the Mercers.

Bob Mercer is known for being intensely private and refusing to talk to reporters, meaning that we can only divine his ideology through the campaigns and personalities he supports with his money. The Mercer Family Foundation has been a consistent supporter of right-wing politicians and groups throughout the years, including the Tea Party movement, the Club for Growth, and the Heritage Foundation.

During the 2016 presidential election, Mercer was initially a major supporter of Ted Cruz, donating $11 million to a pro-Cruz super PAC. Following Cruz’s withdrawal from the race, however, Mercer switched his support to Trump, founding a pro-Trump super PAC named Make America Number One, and was instrumental in securing senior positions for Breitbartexecutive chairman Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway within the Trump campaign and administration.

Mercer was also a major supporter of the Leave campaign in the Brexit referendum in the U.K. last year, donating data analytics from one of his companies to U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. This greatly aided the Leave campaign by allowing Leave.EU, a leading pro-Leave group, to target likely supporters via highly personalized Facebook advertisements.

Most importantly, the Mercer family are fervent supporters of Israel and Zionism. During his presidential primary campaign, Ted Cruz made support for Israel a major plank of his platform due to the Mercers’ money. Similarly, both Mercer-funded Breitbart and Milo have consistently pushed a Zionist worldview and support for Israel’s nationalist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as opposition to Islamic extremism and ISIS.

The Mercer Family: Fake Nationalists?

While the Mercers have helped aid President Trump and other American nationalists, it is clear they are doing so not out of a traditionalist worldview, but to push their own agenda. In particular, their continued support of Milo Yiannopoulos, a flamboyant homosexual who brags about having anal sex with black men (and who recently “married” a black man in Hawaii), is puzzling. Why bankroll Milo and not an authentically traditionalist voice with less baggage?

The answer is because the Mercers are not conservative at all. Their support for Trump, Milo, and Breitbart is because they are concerned with the state of Israel, not America. In recent years, the left and Democratic Party have become increasingly anti-Israel, to the point where a pro-Palestine Muslim, Keith Ellison, was nearly elected chair of the DNC. The Mercers are seeking to prop up Zionist voices and politicians to guarantee Israel’s security in the years to come.

None of this is intended as an attack on Milo or Breitbart. However, fans of one or the other should be mindful that they are funded by a family whose pro-Jewish interests may not be the same as theirs.

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My Comment:  The Zionist promote pedophilia and in Milo they found a willing promoter of sex with very young men barely past the age of puberty.

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