Swiss America’s Gold News Daily 3.15.18 – Will the Stock Market Crash? YES!

Will the stock market crash? Yes. Here’s what to do now –USA Today
“One minute, all economic indicators are sitting pretty and the Dow Jones industrial average is hitting record highs. The next – blammo – we’re in the throes of a stock market ‘sell-off,’ or ‘right-sizing,’ or whatever you want to call it…Just as it did recently, the stock market is going to decline again. But no one has the luxury of getting a calendar notice announcing the time and magnitude of a seismic stock market event. Still, just knowing that these things happen means you can create in advance a game plan for what to do while you’re in the thick of it. To prevent a knee-jerk reaction during periods of stock market volatility, follow these five tips. 1. Trust in diversification – When a market decline hits, your results may vary – and perhaps for the better – if you’ve invested money across different baskets of asset classes. 2. Remember your appetite for risk – Even though the stock market has its roller-coaster moments, the downturns are ultimately overshadowed by longer periods of sustained growth. That’s the reality on paper. 3. Know what you own – and why – Part of doing stock research is crafting a written record of the strengths, weaknesses and purpose of every investment in your portfolio. 4. Be ready to buy the dip – Market dips are when fortunes can be made. The trick is to be ready for the fall and willing to commit some cash to snap up investments whose prices are dropping. 5. Get a second opinion – It’s rewarding to be a DIY investor, especially during the good times when the stock market’s on a tear and your portfolio is going up in value.”

My Comment:  Diversify, Diversify, Diversify…own some Russian and Chinese holdings in stocks or mutual funds, own gold, silver, platinum or palladium…have at least one month’s of food even just meat in your pantry…find out where the farmers are in advance…prepay some of your bills and pay off all your loans and credit cards while you can.  In the future credit will be curtailed.

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