Is Trump Giving In or Playing a Chess Move?

‘Someone is paying Trump to do it’ — Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy

by TUT editor

ed note–no, Trump is not ‘being paid’. He owns incalculable wealth and as he stated plainly at his speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition during his campaign, he doesn’t ‘need Jewish money’.

What is taking place (but which the editors at Mondoweiss don’t want to be forced to admit, due to their own role in contributing to this situation) is that Trump is slowly but surely being driven to his breaking point which he and all people possess. Between the ‘Russia Gate’ business to his accused dalliances with porn stars to the ‘blood’ he has on his hands vis a vis the mass shootings taking place in America to whatever the screeching topic du jour happens to be, he finds himself being hounded, heckled, and harassed more than any US president in history. He can’t even enforce the laws of the country dealing with immigration, which indeed are not only within the purview of his rights as president, but indeed, part of his legal responsibilities.

As we have warned here from the beginning, Superman is only a fictional character, and no one, not even ‘The Donald’ has an inexhaustible reservoir of human strength and endurance, and if/when he finally cries ‘uncle’ and gives into the incessant demands on the part of Judea, Inc for all the wars which he made plain during his campaign he was opposed to starting, then all those within ‘duh muuvmnt’ who contributed their own little pence in breaking him to the Jews’ will can pat themselves on the back for being too stupid to recognize/understand the nature of the complicated political game being played here.

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My Comment:  Is there even anyone in Washington, D.C. who is not of the Deep State?  Do we really even have any choices?  Or are all the choices NO Choice At All?

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