How to Buy Theta Now That It Is Easy To Get!

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Now is the BEST TIME to get THETA and TFUEL because the Market is Down

The Motto is: Buy Low – Sell High! I like to think of these dips as a Crypto Sale!

What is THETA? A groundbreaking decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery. A new native blockchain. Powered by users. Theta awarded U.S. Patent for “Methods and Systems for Peer Discovery in a Decentralized Data Streaming and Delivery Network”. Now Video platforms no longer need to build expensive infrastructure. NASA now LIVE Streams using it. Every new Samsung TV has the app.

Yes the market is down and that gives you a great opportunity to buy in at a great low price. Your positive attitude is important – there’s nothing to fear when you invest in the Good Cryptos.  The big institutions will be getting in and if you have some disposable cash it’s a great time to get some purples! (Purples refer to Whitedove’s Top CryptoCoins which she gives on her Patreon )

I used our Broker Caleb and Brown and my BUY Order took 2.5 hours since they are inundated and on Australian time. The really cool thing to do – you can set a Target Sell price in advance to scrape some profits. Then you don’t have the bottleneck issues of the exchanges – Smile

But for many newbies that dont have a Caleb & Brown Brokerage account THETA and ThetaFuel are much easier to buy now because you can store and swap on the EXODUS WALLET!

For the new people buying cryptos /Theta:  

Someone said to me the other day “can you send me the link” as if they’re ordering from Amazon – Gosh we wish it were this easy. With blockchain investing and money being exchanged there must be security in place.

 Here are the basic steps

  1. Setup a Coinbase app on your phone or machine – this is where you purchase cryptocoins using Paypal or a bank acct
  2. Set up an Exodus Wallet on your machine. The Exodus Wallet is a place to store your cryptos and you can Swap one crypto for another! {Save all your Passwords and Seed Phrase they give you}
  3. Buy litecoin on Coinbase (because it transfers fast)  then send your litecoin to your Exodus Wallet.
  4. Then swap your Litecoin for Theta and Tfuel. Buy 50% Theta and 50% ThetaFuel ( You always need a least a little theta fuel to move theta around)  

Remember – never invest more than just your disposable income. This is like gambling, the crypto market fluctuates. Read my previous blog about THETA. Spirit said THETA is a game changer and it will create generational wealth for those that get in now.

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THETA has already made many Millionaires and it can make you rich too!

Here’s how:

So at today’s price of around $6.50, if one puts in $1,500.00 you’ll have 230 THETA. When that grows to Whitedove’s next predicted peak of $24.USD you will have $5520. Whitedove always suggests that you take some profits along the way. So take some profit and then let your investment continue to ride up. When it get to $99 youl’ll have $22,770.USD. Whitedove Predicts that THETA will go up to as high as $1000 to $2000.

230 THETA X $2000 = $460,000

Yes it will take a few years – but the wait will be worth it, smile.

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