How Zionist Hollywood Works! Ashley Judd Give Anti-Trump Hate Rant a Year Ago and Is Now Being Rewarded With Tidbits From Zionist Hollywood; Desperate Ashley Did a Desperate Act to Revive Her Career


Actress Ashley Judd criticized racism, misogyny, President Trump, and the gender wage gap. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://

Note How the Blacklist is Off of Ashley Judd After Her ‘Nasty Woman’ Speech Against Trump:

Ashley Judd Reveals What’s Next After She Was ‘Maliciously Blacklisted’ By Hollywood
Ashley Judd Reveals What's Next After She Was 'Maliciously Blacklisted' By Hollywood

Ashley Judd is on the cover of Town and Country magazine’s April 2018 issue, on newsstands March 6.

Here’s what the actress, who was one of the first to come forward about Harvey Weinstein, shared in her interview with Salma Hayek:

On what’s next for her: “I hope to have more opportunities now… I’m going to be doing a show on Broadway this fall. I was offered a romantic comedy. And that is the greatest amends that Hollywood can make for having maliciously blacklisted me.”

On how opening up has changed her place in Hollywood: “Now that I’m more connected to this community again, I feel a shift and sense of real discovery about female alliances. My favorite conversation recently was with Joan Collins. . .who immediately started telling me about the sexual harassment she experienced when she was 17 years old on her first set. And I feel really loved and appreciated right now. in these Time’s Up meetings, when I speak I notice that everyone really pays very close attention to what I say, so that’s a really sweet experience for me to have, like I have earned my stripes.”

On standing up for her beliefs: “I’ve always been a fighter. I’ve always been very devoted to the cause, whatever that cause may be. I think I was born with a healthy sense of righteous indignation, but I’m definitely a product of my environment and my childhood. I’ve acquired a lot of resilience.”

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My Comment:  You either play the game in Hollywood or you don’t work.  It’s all clear now.

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