Her Satanic Majesty Demands War on Russia

European and American Citizens Are Not Buying Her Satanic Majesty’s Demand for War on Russia

The farce of Prime Minister Theresa May’s demand that the world bow down to the British Crown and accept the blatant lie that Russia carried out an “illegal act of force” against the U.K., while refusing to present even a hint of evidence, is not convincing many citizens of the U.S. or Europe, and practically no one outside of NATO. LaRouche movement organizers in the U.S., Germany and elsewhere are finding a dramatic shift in the response of the population since PM May launched her campaign for war with Russia. The fraudulent British accusations against Russia — which reminds practically everyone of Tony Blair’s lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and the horrific consequences of that lie — has begun to awaken a nascent hatred of the imperial attitude exuded by the British and the British toadies who occupied the U.S. Presidency for 16 years before the Trump election.READ MORE

LaRouche: Tell the British to “Git”; Otherwise We Are Done

It has become clear that the British, not the Russians, tried to overturn the 2016 presidential election and subvert Donald Trump’s Presidency. Now, they want to use the Skripal poisoning to put us on the path to war. No one knows the British Empire better than Lyndon LaRouche. To end its imperial reign, Americans first must understand what the British Empire is and how it is irreconcilable with the system of political economy and government established by our forefathers. The British imperial system has never stopped being the enemy of the United States.


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