ADL Represents Jewish Interest Only & They Blame Trump [Unfairly] For Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents-Malignant Narcissists Are Never to Blame For Anything

ADL blames Trump for rise in anti-Semitic incidents in US

by TUT editor

Pictured:  Chosenite From Hell Holds Sign of Hate!

Hours after the Anti-Defamation League released a report Tuesday that detailed a dramatic spike in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States in 2017, its chief told reporters that the one man who could be making things better has instead been making them worse.

Ed note–It goes without saying (or at least should in any rational and intelligent discussion) that the ADL–as well as other powerful groups working as the teeth and claws in furthering Judea, Inc’s interests–do not make statements like these about people they ‘like’. They do not make statements like these about people they ‘love’. They do not make statements like these about people they support. All one need do is look back over the years at the chorus line of various characters whom this group has attacked and slandered, from Mel Gibson to Mike Piper to yours truly as proof of this.

This one fact alone–this statement from the ADL–should be enough to put to rest all the chirping out there on the part of certain ‘experts’ who claim that Djooz absolutely LOOOOVE Trump, pulled every string they had at their disposal in getting him elected and are now doing everything in their considerable power to keep him there.

Sadly however, important pieces such as this offering a better picture as to the nature of what is taking place will be summarily ignored, pushed aside and considered irrelevant while other pieces focusing on the manner by which Trump has a ‘Jewish’ daughter and Jewish son-in-law will be showcased as ‘proof’ that he is ‘owned’.

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TUT editor | 03/01/2018 at 9:3

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