A Rebuttal to Christogenea.org: No I Am Not Fake News…I pay a Variety of Sources For Information Including Paying Larouchepub for the EIR Daily Alert Service Which Costs $100 a Month As Well As Others Who Do Independent Research…I am NOT a Shill or Fake News I Can Assure You. I Ask For NO Money or Donations From Anyone. I Am A Researcher Concerned ONLY With Waking People Up Before Our Fake Media Gets Us Into WW3 and We ALL Die Either From the Holocaust or Nuclear Winter Afterwards! Is Christogenea Concerned With This? Not That I Can See.

Alternative News Fake News Sites – Christogenea.org


Alternative News Fake News Sites 03-28-2017, 04:20 PM. Practically all of the Mainstream Media News ( … brutalproof.net business2community.com buzzlamp.com

My Comment:  Furthurmore I accept no advertising money, do not have women featured with big breasts nor do I advertise sex aids or pills.  I feel absolutely insulted by Christogenea’s slander & libel-printed lies-definitely NOT in the spirit of CHRIST!  I am absolutely open to opinions contrary to my own but I do try to stick to FACTS.  Larouchepub is a highly credible source as are the Ugly Truth & David Icke.  Mike King (tomatobubble and The Anti-New York Times does great research.  These people have factual proof for their research as our Fake Media often does not As Revealed by their fake Russiagate-a Zionist Mueller attack to take down an elected President.

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